Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Front Page News!

Sheila and Fran on the front page of the Buderim Weekly! and what a great pic it is too.
The journalist, a lovely lass, came into the work rooms to have a chat on the day, but I missed her name, so cannot pass that on to you, but she did a great story for us.
The Photographer's name is under the Photo, Jason Dougherty, and it probably won't happen - copyright you know - but here is a tiny little (like about 1% to nil) chance that we may be able to post a copy of the pic for you all to see, now wouldn't that be great!. Will find out later today.

For those who would like to visit the Quilt Show during this weekend, we will be happy to greet you anytime on:

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th
Starting at 9.00 a.m. to 4.00p.m.
Admittance is $5.00
which includes a lovely Devonshire Tea - or that a Devonshire Coffee?! and of course there are many opportunities to win some lovely raffles, including two wonderful quilts.
There are also lots of goodies to purchase, including the themed 'Christmas in July' goodies.

We are easily found, opposite the Buderim Primary School in Main Street Buderim, just follow the little garden path that winds up from the main footpath, with the lush green grassy area and Library on the left and the beautiful old church on the right, passing under the shady tree canopy, oh and do stop to admire the work of our pottery group, firstly on the right and then the wonderful seat on the left....these two artworks have quite the history, maybe they need a post all of their own, keep an eye out folks, this could be a WIP.

And so on with the hard work of setting up a Quilt Show.
Sue and Janet checking in one of Val's quilts, making sure there are 'quilt stories' attached along with rod pockets on every one's quilts. Ailsa checking in the items for sale, just look at the length of that list of goods for sale in front of her.
Judy is collating all the paperwork and Sheila giving Janet a last minute clarification on what is going to be located where.
What we don't see is all the hours of hard work and organisation that goes on behind the scenes from the committee and our Group Leader Sheila.

Meanwhile, it's around 1 o'clockish, on the last day that quilts are to be signed in for hanging on Friday, and here is 'Lil Miss Cool', "Look, I've only got this little bit of binding to do"........
Well of course she managed to finish easily, despite every new arrival to the cottage rushing up to view the finished quilt and the wonderful quilting, discuss their preferences and oohing and aahing....
This quilt has been a long time in the works, years on and off, not unusual for a Baltimore quilt, but at the end of the day, when Heather had finally handed hers in, and sat down to reflect for a moment, she was heard to say, "I feel a bit lost without my Baltimore, I've had it with me for a long time now".

Well Sweetie, this quilt is going to be away from home from time to time in it's new life, it will be entered into shows and I am sure it will win big prizes for you. A job well done and to be proud of Heather and Judy for the wonderful quilting job.

At this stage I should probably point out that I have been privileged to sit with a lovely group of laughter loving ladies, often referred to as 'that loud lot down the back' as in 'I'm off to visit that loud lot down the back', with Heather being just one of us, and I have had the, to me, unprecedented opportunity of seeing this quilt com along as a collection of some blocks and some squares to be worked on, to finished blocks, to a completed flimsy and then been party with the rest of us to the layout selection and the border fabric selection. I have been just one of many to ooh and aah over the progress of this quilt.

This has been a process that has been repeated time and again at other 'tables' - or smaller groups of friends, within the overall patchwork groups of friends.

Lola, just a bit over the whole shebang, she keeps mentioning - "Well I don't have to I'm an old lady you know", hey Lola, where did you pick that line up from? and can I use it? Really she was just taking a hard earned break. This lady always has multiple lovelies to display and sell. I know, I am a collector of her beautiful works.
Wendy has been on hols for a bit, but lookee here at the armload of goodies. (And hey, Wendy, see, I didn't print that pic of you with your tongue on the outside, getting all dry and crispy when you couldn't get that really long pole through the doorway, aren't I a good kid??! don't I deserve cake?
A tinsy tiny teaser of the Baltimore Beauty. If you want to view the entire magnificence, well you know where to find it. Cottage, This weekend. see ya there...
Arvo tea was great as usual, but my DDIL (Dear Daughter-in-Law) who wants to perfect the art of cake decorating, donated a lovely floral cake for our afternoon tea, it was just the ants pants because we were celebrating Sadie's and Heather's birthdays, we all sang happy birthday and Heather cut the cake.
And finally, a copyright issue:
Elizabeth from Berry Patchwork has been made aware that someone has been copying one of her patterns and selling it. Now that really is not playing nice.

Liz wrote in her newsletter...
"You will find updates on my web site (that's as soon as I manage to get information uploaded) and also a free pattern - "Bear Hugs".

This freebie has come about because I discovered just recently much to my dismay, that someone has been photocopying and selling my patterns wholesale. I have never sold any of my patterns wholesale and I understand that someone in the ACT may have been selling them at a quilt show. Now I don't know who that person is, and instead of becoming bitter and twisted, I have decided to make it available to anyone who would like a copy! In fact this solution has made me feel very happy and I hope that you will enjoy making this little quilt - it has given me great pleasure.
You can use this pattern to make quilts, teach if you want to, but I would appreciate it if you respect me as a designer and do not on-sell this pattern"

If you see a copy being sold, Elizabeth would be grateful if you would pass the information on to her at

Here is a pic of Elizabeth's quilt, posted with her permission.

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