Thursday, May 5, 2016

Charity Quilts push and Hi-Jinks

The push to get a load of charity quilts ready for the Burrumbuttock Hay Run saw another pile of quilts getting their labels attached and ready to be delivered by Wendy to their pick up point.
Sheila and Lorraine, busily stitching, Sheila has donated her quilt made in the recent Jan Phillips workshop 'Freedom', Sheila fessed up "When I was making the quilt I rather went off it, but now it's done I just love it!"  how often does that happen, too close to appreciate until the finished lovely emerges.  Sheila is still happy to donate her quilt to the Hay Run, knowing someone else will love it also.

We had torrential rains over the past weekend, but did that put Jackie off washing fabric, no way.  She had a plan for her donation and nothin' was getting in the way! -although Jackie was amused by the look of total disbelief on her neighbours face, watching Jackie hang little lengths of fabric on the line in between rain storms-
A brilliant design to quickly create a lovely quilt.  Jackie, with the help of Marlene was sharing her freshly labeled sweetie...
...until Miss Michief, who shall remain nameless, zoomed past and gave it a little yank, down it tumbled!!
But not to the floor, too quick to let that happen.

Wednesdays pile, with more promised.

Each donated quilt will have a special label attached, words suggested by Karen W and machine embroidered by Wendy.
There has been a few enquiries, from folk not from our neck of the woods, about what the Hay Run is about, so here are a couple of news items to put you in the picture, so to speak.  A great pic of just how big this thing is is in the April 7th Weekly Times article
and this link to the National Transport Free Newspaper has loads of stories
An addendum
An e-mail hit the desk last night from Connecting Threads, offering free shipping to Aust on orders over $75. The offer is only for a limited time, and also only for online orders.
Immediately thought of all you gals stitchin' your little hearts out on Charity Quilts, this is possibly a way of making quilts in a pattern you have been thinking about for awhile in a way that will not be cost prohibitive as a give away quilt.
If you are interested visit Connecting Threads here.
Some of their fabric is very reasonably priced, U.S.$ 3.50 to 4.60
and no, I don't get a kickback or anything, I'm just a name on a mailing list. 

Chris has been missing in action for awhile, pleased to see her joining the ranks - but...wait...knitting? really?, Chris always has a bring along project.  Turns out her little Grandie (obviously a gunna be quilter) has been visiting, the sewing room is a wreck and the key to the sewing cabinet is...well...not where it should be, hence the knitting.

Heather is not slacking, not at all, has just finished another one of her lovely blocks and is taking a 'thinking about it break'

Wendy was in the Machine room, busily machine appliquing block 3 of her 'Foxley Village' quilt while chatting to Marie, Wendy was not happy with her fox and wanted to remove him, and call the quilt ' Cat Village', however, an e-mail last night tells that with Marie's idea of the judicious application of a little water colour pencil, Foxley is now safe from extinction.
3 delicious blocks, wish my fabric would hurry up.

So...whats the goss Gals...
no, not just gossiping at all, Pat was showing a pic of a quilt that had inspired her for the one under the needle, but of course, as it so often happens, just not quite enough of one fabric caused a bit of a design tweek.
Janice, Beryl, Karen D, and Chris all agree, yep exactly different!!

Our Fabric dyeing workshop is coming up fast, just 2 weeks away, so a bit of a list of what we will all need.
Sue is supplying all the dyes so just the fabric and tools are needed.

Date 18 May
Washed white cotton fabric, - although there was some chat today about bringing an item of clothing you would like to re-vamp, but be aware, the thread used in construction may not be cotton and therefor will not dye
Zip lock bags or plastic containers large enough to suit the fabric pieces you will dye
Large plastic box that will hold the filled zip lock bags to take your fabric home
Lots of small jars or bottles to mix dyes in, and maybe take some dye home
Large plastic tray
Rubber Gloves
Old clothes (& shoes)
Old towels for mopping up the inevitable spills

May is Machine Embroidery display month for the glass cabinet in the entry, couldn't resist some pics of the beautiful work these clever girls do.

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