Saturday, November 24, 2018

Todays the day, and what a cracker of a day it is...

The day started off with a delightfully efficient and smiling lady from Lions club, directing the traffic, parking? drop off?, she set the tone for the entire visit.
It's a big job organising a Fair of the magnitude of the Buderim Christmas Fair, and along with our rather excellent management committee, all of our groups call on their members for support and jolly hard work, which is why it is so important for everyone to rub along together.
The Cottage was just a sea of smiling faces on arrival, (early? really? hoping for a sneak peek?, nope - didn't happen, place was awash with with excited members, all doing a final fluff up of the myriad of goodies on offer, like this little group, frantically checking all is well.

Apparently there was a bit of the fun and crazy going on at set-up, Sandy just wasn't up to trotting through the entire cottage to get to the office area which is just over the screen, she took the short cut instead. Not just once either...

Wandered through the cottage snapping pics of some, just some of the wonderfully created goods for sale, of course I started off with Patchwork Group.

One of the first customers of the morning was Lilly, a local lass looking for a pressy to post to a special Lilley in France, she chose one of the angel christmas decorations. Perfect, thank you for your custom Lilly.
Lilley was quickly followed by a lady who needed sets of place mats in Australiana print fabric, to send off to Holland for another Chrissy Pressy.

Next in line was the sumptuous works from the Fabric Art and Surface Design group, who had a number of really cute little fabric people, along with all their other beautifully dyed fabric creations including accent jewelry.

Silversmiths range was overwhelmingly diverse and as beautiful as ever. Carolan was kind enough to share some of her creations with us.

Machine Embroidery girls had a wide range of articles, including some sassy embroidered coathangers as well as embroidered portraits.

Just up the asile, two smiling ladies were spotted selling a cookbook 'Morning Teas and other Recipes' compiled by the Needlework Group with proceeds going to the very worthwhile charity Mates 4 Mates
Those Needlework ladies really know how to cook a cake so at only $12.00 a copy its a win/win
Another community support idea the Needlework ladies are involved in is creating fiddle Lap Blankets, or Diversional Therapy for Dementia, Alzeismentia and Autism patients.
Group Leader Pam also makes adult bibs from handtowels (just the thing for Pasta night in front of the telly B.T.W) and had a small collection of leftover circles, with a bit of ingenuity the square fiddle rug came into being.

Needlework Ladies also run the 'Novelties' stall, members create little gifts for kiddies to spend their pennies cents buying gifts. Loved the little houses made from the sponges and scourers for a well stocked kitchen sink

The Needlework tables were jam packed with a large range of beautifully embroidered items.

Yarns and Fibers gals had the best range of teapot cozies, lots of fun as well as practical,
of course they also had a huge range of knitted wearables, some cute draft stoppers.
and some of the most imaginative knitted toys.

Pottery Group was as well stocked as ever, lots of art for that special corner, as well as a very pretty range of smaller items and special christmas decorations.

Painters Group had a wall of canvases on offer, as well as framed art behind glass,
including this quirky canvas of Vandy's Garage, a long term Buderim garage that on closing became a much loved coffee rest for the locals.

Mixed and Multi Media group, or 3M, had a great display of artworks for sale, including these novel placemats
and a range of Porcelain Painted articles.
including boxed sets of napkin rings, just beautiful.

Outdoors on the patio, two fun gals were spotted selling folks tickets for goodies to munch on with a well earned cuppa and a sit down.
all to be collected from the Kitchen Team.

All in all it was a wonderful day, if you were not able to make it to todays function, pop it into your calendar for next year, just keep an eye on the Buderim Craft site, under Coming Events, there will be lots of notice and time to organise a great day out with family & friends.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Christmas Fair 2018

Yep, definitely Christmas, Wendy called into a variety store and just had to snaffle up this little outfit for her doggy's Christmas day atire
Another year has managed to fly by, and it's time for another frenetic, fun, fantastic Buderim Christmas Fair. As so many of you know, the Buderim Christmas Fair incorporates not only the Buderim Craft Cottage, but also the Buderim Lions and the Buderim Library for a wonderful day of fun, shopping, snacking, browsing and catching up with old friends.
The Craft Cottage is getting a bit of a head start on the fair by opening on the Friday afternoon as well as the Saturday.
Times for each group are as follows:

Buderim Craft Cottage, 5 Main Street.
Friday 23rd November 2018 from 12.00 noon to 5.00p.m. and
Saturday 24th November from 8.00a.m. to 3.00p.m.

Buderim Lions Club, Buderim War Memorial Hall
Saturday 24th November from 8.00a.m to 2.30p.m.

Buderim Library, Buderim War Memorial Hall
Saturday 24th November from 8.00a.m. to 2.00p.m

You can access a location map here

Today was set up day for all groups as well as 'sign in day', for Patchwork Group, so it was with a bit of a fluff and a flurry that the girls started to pour in to the Cottage to have our goodies for sale recorded and presented, there was a bit of oooing and ahhhing going on as we got sneak peaks on our fellow patchworkers lovley offerings.
Lots of small gifts, perfect for stocking stuffers or Teacher gifts
Folding Thread Catchers
The cutest little 'Tooth Fairy' pillows
Tiers of wonderful Sunhats for the kiddies, Pincushions, coasters and much more.
Tree Decorations and even a travel pillow.
Cushions galore
Christmas quilts, bed quilts, lap quilts
Bunting, Snap Bags and Tote bags
A pile of really terrific aprons, Karen modeled one for us and Sue gave us a bit of a handwipeing demo...
The last little sneak peak to share is this beautiful sewing box, what a wonderful gift for someone special, or indeed for yourself
By this stage it was getting a bit crowded with all those goodies, so off for a bit of a sit down and a chin wag, Sue created another two of her circles, think Suffolk puffs without the puff.
as you see, wiping the sweat from the brow...these circles cannot be rushed you know.

Then it was time for the other Groups to start arriving for the set up, went to Fiber Arts section to see if there was a sneak peak of anything, found some great tees with a lovely dye job.
Lots of display manaquins and the windows beautifully decorated with two of the groups yearly challenges, Autumn leaves and spring flowers - fantastic window treatments.
The door swung open and there was the lovely Lyn, all reved up and ready to create another fantastic display of the Fiber Arts Group creations.

Potters had an eyecatching focal point to build their display around

Yarns and Fibers Group were sitting around, waiting for the 'lets go' whistle with bags and bags of wonderful goodies and hand knits.
Yep, it all promises to be another wonderfully successful Christmas Fair. Hope to see you there!
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