Friday, April 19, 2019

Do you like presents?

Do you like surprises?
Do you just love to browse around and inspire your mojo with lots of ingenious and clever crafts, maybe even something you have created yourself previously but here it is with a novel twist and you think, "well, why didn't I think of that"!
Well then, pop along to the Buderim Easter Fair tomorrow Saturday 20th April and have a good ol' time.
Bring the family, bring your friends, and just soak up the creative, energetic atmosphere.

The fair kicks off at 8a.m, there will be plenty of parking, organised by the Buderim Lions Club, both off Church Street and in the Primary School opposite for $2. mind you, that $2 then gets funnelled right back into the community.

There are to be lots of community stalls organised by the Lions both in the Memorial Hall and outside on the lawn. The Lions stalls will be closing at 2.30p.m.

Buderim Library will be selling off their excess books, a great place to snaffle yourself an Easter read and always lots of kiddies books to be had for a bargain price. The Library will close its doors at 2.00p.m.

Inside the Buderim Craft Cottage you will find 12 artisan and crafting groups, all with their beautiful and creative wares for sale while out in the courtyard you will be able to have a well earned sit with a delicious treat and coffee, or tea, or something cold, we're all about diversity and choice...and fun...and enjoyment...and just enjoying life.

For anyone who needs a map reference, there is an excellent map on the Cottage site here

Sunday, April 14, 2019

It's a busy, busy time...

...and time is sneaking up on our Quilt Exhibition, only 74 more days....eeeeek (as Karen is fond of saying)
We are also staring at the handing in date of our Lyn Ballinger Challenges (no, not you organised gals who have finished and handed in) but those of us who are still tweeking - Hand in date 31st May so realistically only 45 days to go.

The Buderim Easter Fair, of which the Craft Cottage is a very large part, what with our 12 groups of artisans and crafters, will be held next weekend, Easter Saturday funnily enough, blasting off at 8a.m through to 3p.m.
The Buderim Lions in the War Memorial Hall will close doors at 2.30p.m. and the Buderim Library (mile high piles of books for sale here folks) will close doors at 2p.m.
Admittance is free to all of these venues and plenty of parking at signed locations for the princley sum of $2, with all proceeds going back to the community.
The Cottage will have their ever popular 'cafe on the terrace' at the cottage entrance, lots of nibblies and drinks available for a modest charge and the Lions will also be running their kitchen with seating on the verandah overlooking the Fair. All in all, a wonderful time to be had wandering around and viewing the works presented by a variety of stall holders along with the Craft Cottage groups, not to mention all those lovely pressies you can buy for others as well as a treatie for yourself.
AND most importantly, we will have raffle quilt tickets for our beautiful quilts available, and of course, a real life viewing of said quilts (Big Smiles) ...looking forward to that, pics are great but in the flesh fabric is so much better.
For anyone not yet in the know, the address is Cnr Church and Main Streets Buderim

At the time of writing, the BMaD (Bikers Making a Difference) group are having their annual 'Blanket Run and Auction' in Dayboro where the beautiful quilts and bags donted by Patchwork Group and members will be auctioned.

Sue created this stunner 'Shady Path' so named by her son Nathan as an example for the 4patch kaleidoscope workshop she presented to our group. Sheila very kindly, on behalf of the Patchwork Group donated the flimsey to BMaD and Andrea quilted it ready for auction.

When Sheila announced the donation of Shady Path, 2 members immediately donated quilts, Wendy donated this lovely, her show and tell of the day, "Stars in the Winter Sky"

Lorraine I. donated her show and tell of the previous week, 'Jewel Box Stars' as well as a lovely tote to transport it in.
yes, it is a tote...look carefully and closely at the top, just peeking out - the handles....sorry, bad pic..sigh

Lorraine also donated this pocket packed handbag, 3 external pockets on each side and 3 internal pockets each side with a zipper closure
Sadly I'm not able to visit and support the blanket run and auction, we have a very, very sick dog and need to be with him. Hope the auction is a huge success and raises much needed funds for the BMaD guys and gals to continue supporting the needy and homeless of Brisbane.
Thank you all very much for your generous contributions.

Sheila sent pics of Wed 3rd meeting for us. Thank you Sheila.

First we have a lovely created by Karen Da. for her granddaughter. Karen created this lovely in a class at Kimz Sewing and Patchwork.
The class was to teach use of machine stitches, such as this cute idea, serpentine quilting with twin needles.

Sherry shared her completed version of the 4 patch kaleidoscope from Sue's workshop, chosing a squarer colourwash layout and adding borders
Just for fun, I croped to just the center of Sherry's lovely and thought you might like to see that as well,
Of course, being a hard crop there is a tad of bluring, but you get the picture, with some quilts there is a huge difference to be created by differnt block layouts and the addition of borders or no.

Show and tell this past Wednesday was photographed by Lorraine I. Someone forgot the camera and the phone---oh dearie me--- anyhoo...we had some lovely Show and tell, started off with this amazing quilt from Michelle, it's one of those with a long and chequered history of not going quite right, put away for a bit, then running out of fabric, put away for a bit, you get the picture! probably got one or two of those beasties hidden away yourselves.

Stella's black and white table runner is now all quilted and ready for its binding.
Karen did a great job on the custom quilting.

Thanks for the pics Lainey.
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