Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Fair 2013

Well it's not long now, really just hours to our Easter Fair.
There is a bit of a change of opening times, with the Cottage being more in line with the Lions Club stallholders. who spread throughout the Memorial Hall and Lawns. 
The Fair will be on the Saturday only.  Hours are 8.00a.m. to 2.30p.m. so be in early to grab a treasure from one of the many groups.

The upside of being one of the hardworking lasses or lads setting up the many wonderful displays is that you get to oggle all the goodies first! and believe me, there are were piles goodies being oggled this morning as the volunteers beavered away at displaying the goods and crafts in their best light including our talented Patchworkers and the lovely gals of the Machine Embroiders Group, who also had some fab new ideas and beautiful items - personal fave?.....the cute frilly pink knickers for some lucky little lass - cute, cute, cute!

One of the reverse log cabin quilts made at June's workshop, a stunning emerald/teal with a navy reverse, or possibly a navy with emerald/teal reverse.

One of the benefits of  having so many groups all under the one roof is a blending of skills and talents such as the blending of the  Machine Embroidery and Patchwork groups with such stunners as this Quilt, Cushion Cover and little Doll all featuring a machine embroidered Geish Girl.

Kiddies Aprons, and a cute little 'Dressing Dolly' book, opens up to show two little girls with two bags of outfits, perfect to keep a littlie quite on a long car journey.

A lovely dolls house wall hanging complete with doll.
Little Miss smocks, a stuffed Green Tree frog and for a little boy, a pillow that bears a striking resemblance to  Spongebob Squarepants.
A wall of wonderful quilts, some with feature fabric,

This one featuring beautiful embroideries.
Kitty Kats and Disappearing 9-Patch among others
 Ailsa was just beginning this display of table runners, some tough choices on which ones to display first!
And the most important quilt to be displayed for you, our Quilt Show Raffle quilt, aptly named 'Shikon'  is making it's debut at the Fair,
Created by Sue from beautiful Japanese fabrics donated by a very kind member who wishes to remain anonymous and machine quilted by Judy from Furball Farm Quilting with an allover design that you can see on the close up below.

Talking of raffles, one of the Painting group's members donated a rather symbolic painting for the group to raffle, it is on display in the Atrium as you arrive, please keep an eye out for it, and see if you can spot the 'Mother and Child' within the painting.  Tickets are only $2.00 if you would like to take a chance and perhaps end up owning this original art.
Sadly, the artist is on hols and at this stage a pic is not available, but if things change, a pic will pop up on the side bar, just under our Quilt  'Shikon'.

Now just inside the Cottage building,  you will find the Machine Embroidery gals and their wonderful goodies...
Another of the 'Dressing Dolly' books, so if you miss out up in Patchwork, scoot down to Machine Embroidery, talk about bringing back memories...
Tooth Pillows, Elephants, Kitties and Owls galore
Such a variety of goodies, bibs, hand towels and clothing for the littlies
A special Hexagon Bunny Quilt and a basket of the cutest, tinsiest teddies......fell in love with those guys and yep, snaffled one for the new Grandie, Thank You Inga and Marie, he will be well loved to be sure.
Hope you can join us for a wonderful fun filled Fair......oh, and our Kitchen will be open, we have the bestest Devonshire Teas without a doubt, lovely other goodies too, but the scones......heavenly!

If you are new to our neck of the woods, you will find us at 5 Main Street, Buderim, next to the Buderim War Memorial Hall on the corner of Church and Main Streets.
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