Monday, March 25, 2013

How do you photograph a mountain of quilts??

with difficulty is how...

Especially as Lorraine kept adding to the pile.
We had a workshop a couple of Wednesdays back, scads of strips of fabrics were cut and laid out over tables, 
instructions were given, backings were cut from donated yardage
 and with a bit of shenanigans to keep us motivated, some simple but lovely Q.A.Y,G, strip quilts were created.

After they had their labels attached, (thanks for those Lorraine), Sheila had them all nicely laid out so that a little smidgen of each quilt could be seen and appreciated.
Some of the gals who were not able to be part of the workshop donated finished quilts of their own, you can see those at the front bottom of the pic.

Just to give some perspective, that's a couch and a breakfast bar the quilts are folded over!

They have all been shipped off now and to help raise extra Dollars for the victims, three of the quilts are to be raffled at a fundraiser.
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