Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a wonderful Fair

Patchwork's Louise and Sadie, sharing a laugh before the opening.

This lady was so taken with this beautiful Japanese print bag, she insisted on using it straight away, here she poses with Janet, the creator of the bag, both happy ladies.
The maker of this wall hanging wasn't on duty at the time of this sale, but you can see it is going home with one very happy lady.

The same wall hanging as above, being admired by a very intrepid Mother and her Daughter. This lady spotted a similar wall hanging featured in a newspaper article on the upcoming fair last Wednesday. Rather liking the wall hanging, she searched the paper for a contact name, searched for and found a phone number to match the name and arranged the purchase of the wall hanging. Clever girl!

Another one of Janet's pieces off to a good home, the lady was so pleased to find a cushion that matched her decor perfectly, the smile tells the story.

A young man visiting with his Gran, fell in love with this quilt, yep, Gran was generous and it went home with one very happy boy.
And the pink cat.........well it's pink and is now part of the 'pink news' parcel

Bags, cushions and quilts, from simple design to complex, and lets not miss the cute little bunny and the lion with his shaggy mane.

Wall hangings, more cushions, that lion again, hand towels and another cute little doggie, who unfolds to a floor quilt

Soft toys and puzzles for the very young
More soft toys, oven mitts, cards, a fully stocked sewing case and even an Avocado Bag to keep your avocados fresh. The make of this bag also makes asparagus as well as spring onion bags, and they work beautifully, just ask our DIL (Daughter-in-law).

One of Patchworks first customers happily browsing the goodies. See that sweet soft cuddly little doggie? Yep, he also part of the 'pink news' parcel.

Sadie, showing off the heat packs and some of the tea towels and aprons.

The 'Cat Quilt' which sold early on in the day

Janet, standing by the product of a workshop she attended, this beautiful jacket with the 'loose goose' front motif.

Wendy at the novelties stall, great goodies for the kiddies

A pic taken very early in the day, way before the Fair had opened, just to give you an idea of the many stalls and goods available. The brick building in the background is the Library,the scene of the book fest with a little of the Memorial Hall further back, a wonderful great space full of traders and their wares.

Below are some of the Silversmith Group and their lovely jewelry, incorporating some very pretty stones.

Irene, the Silversmith Group Leader, casting an eye over the final placements.
Caroline with some of her lovely pieces.
George and some of his pieces.
None of these pics do justice to the work on display, it was all such finely crafted, beautiful work and there were many happy new owners leaving the cottage throughout the day.

Needlework Group had a great variety of goods for sale, starting with these so soft and cute little toys
Just love the little girls 'Shabby Chic' apron

Estelle and her beautifully embroidered baby blanket

Hand Towels, Tea Towels ................
Blankets, bibs, toys and tops and the softest little security cuddlers you could ever come across, and yes, one of those little mint green cuddlers joined the 'pink news' parcel along with a couple of other needlework goodies.

Cast your eyes over the intricate work done my the ladies from Machine Embroidery Group,
Inger, with two of her table runners
These little hand puppet bunnies were filled with Choccie eggs.

A huge array of decorative as well as special occasion dishes and servers were offered by the Porcelain Painters Group - they had the prettiest cake server that didn't make the pics, it followed me home as a gift for DIL ( daughter-in-law) who has taken up cake decorating.

Tom had just the right piece of Calligraphy for me...'I know I came into this room for a reason!'
The cheeky grin says it all.

A new approach to the Raffle this year, the major prize had a gift voucher for $100 included so the lucky winner gets to choose their own goodies, still I wouldn't have minded winning second easter fruit cake, beautifully decorated with some chocs and wine........yum

Three of the ladies from Lacemakers Group, putting the finishing touches on their display of wonderful lace, something for everyone on offer, from the little lavender bags and handkerchiefs to the intricate lace table coverings. No way could you call these beautiful lace works of art a doily or place mat.
Spinners and Weavers had some traditional as well as some more unusual offerings this Easter.
Just how cute are the little Bridal couple, and the little Scot just to the side of them, just lovely.

Softnes reigns in this pic, colour and texture, the pastel shawl and the teddy on the back wall are just two of the soft goodies.

Past president of the Cottage, Audrey, standing by some of the Painters Work

Two of the ladies from the Pottery Group, putting finishing touches to the Groups display, very kindly took time out to stand by the displays of their own work,

The wall hanging of the white cockatoos is my fave...........

The talented fabric Artists had such an array of beautiful pieces,
This lovely wall hanging, with its proud creator, was an early sale, seconds after this pic it was off the wall and gone.

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