Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Knitting...and crocheting...

...along with other crafty bits.

It happens every time, the last week before our big Exhibition and Sale, barely a quilty thing to be seen around the Cottage, today there was lots of hand embroidery, crochet and knitting going on.
Courtney with her huge ball of wool was the first spied, well, right in front of the sign in book so thats logical...
Courtney is knitting a bear, on a personal note, love knitted bears, they are the best, so soft, so comforting, and perfect little listeners for the little folk in our lives.

Pat and Sue were working on workshop samples for our next workshop, the first week after the Exhibition we will be making lotsa scrappy charity quilts, looking really exciting.

HOWEVER....there was one totally amazing quilt to drool over.
You would be right if you recognised this as work from Karen W, the tiny uniform stitches and beautiful colour balance, and Yep, will be making an appearance at the Exhibition. Each little embroidery has an inspirational word, just right for the little darlings of our modern busy lives.

Outside in the carpark, came across the perfect 'Bee' truck for the 'Bee Man', (a.k.a. Lorraine I's Darling)
Geoff was busily cutting rods to length and then drilling holes for the exacting measurements needed to hang our exhibition quilts perfectly, no waste, no crowding.
Thank you Geoff, again, for all the support you give your Darling and therefor our group. It is greatly appreciated.
Oh...and talking of bees, did anyone see that report on bees and the way they like to sleep, curled together holding each others little feet. Blown away by nature.

And for the last...a little bit of crazy.
I come across the weirdest things and ideas on the net, some so way out your eyes just bug reading them, some so funny you giggle for days, and some you wonder "well, what the heck?, it might work" and this is one of the latter.
To my embarasement I did not keep the site I read this on, it was one of those gals who love to find a simpler/cheaper way. Now if you love Pinmores (as I do) this might pique your interest, as it did mine.
After a bit of searching the unnamed gal (sorry) hit on using the ends of pencil end erasers as a Pinmore substitute, just cut off the ring designed to slide over the pencil, and with a little caution slide it over the super dooper heavy duty pins you use with Pinmores.
The unnamed gal (sorry, cringe) warned about pin sticks as the erasers taper to a point, however, I can testify that pinsticks can happen rather easily even when using Pinmores.
These little suckers are cheap cheap cheap, $4.53 for 50, so if they work, will let you know. Thing is, got all these little round hollow bits left over, any ideas???
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