Thursday, May 15, 2014

Charity Quilts with Flair

 Our post today is from Lorraine and Marie, thanks a heap girls.

Our group was lucky enough to have a large number of F.Q.'s donated, perfect to make up lots of charity quilts for Sunny Kids. 
 Lorraine giving a peek at some of the fabrics.

A workshop was organised for yesterday to start the creations.  Sue, came up with a paper pieced design to create 8 H.S.T blocks all in one go, without pre-cutting the fatties.
 Firstly, the instructions

Then the demo

And here is one done previously,

Everyone set to work to copy the design onto butcher's paper
Chris asks, 'Does Sue really want me to sew that!
Pat, concentrating very hard...
Wendy was off and running...

Fae was helping out, tearing off paper, pressing the H.S.T's...

...getting them to where they had to be...
anything needing done, was done.

Karen was keeping exactly 1/4" either side of her lines
Tearing off all that paper
Now we know why Sue said to use small stitches.
The rest of the Cottage went along as usual

Gwen has her hand piecing group tracing around templates.

Lots of concentration and accuracy.  This is going to be one really
beautiful raffle quilt.

Barbara has a scarf nearly as long as she is tall.  Time to finish it up.
(This has to be the ultimate in a 'head chop' don't you think?......sorry Barbara - A)

Another version of the H.S.T. quilt layout, someone said there are about 126 layout variations - Wow
It will be interesting to see what all the half square triangles look like next week.

There are some very exciting exhibitions coming up, the first one is being presented by the Painting Group and the Porcelain Painters Group.
Starts tomorrow as you can see from the flyer, got a glimpse of some really beautiful work, it is promising to be another fab. exhibition of works from our talented members.  Pop in to the Atrium if you are in our neck of the woods this weekend.

The other upcoming exhibition is the 'moody hues ~ emotions in colour' exhibition by the Textile Art Group.

There is a little teaser of goodies on display in the glass cabinet at the Atrium/Cottage entrance, if you pop in to the 'Beautiful Paintings' exhibition, don't miss treating yourself to some visual loveliness from the Textile Art gals.

Patchwork Group is excited that our Lyn Ballinger Challenge will be on display at the 'moody hues ~ emotions in colour' exhibition.  
The Lyn Ballinger challenge is held annually and is part of our Biennial Quilt Show, but on the off years the Textile Art Group very kindly allow us to display our challenge for public viewing and voting. 
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