Friday, January 7, 2011

Online Stores and a giggle

Two new e-mails with addresses for us to drool over. Both addresses have been added to the 'online stores' list in the sidebar.

Firstly, Hancocks of Paducah now have their catalogue online, as well as going directly to their site for specials you can peruse their fabric ranges at
Some really beautiful quilts and ideas.
Just noticed, If you order by Feb 5th you get 10% off, the Code is on the back cover of the catalogue.

The second is a forwarded e-mail from Kerry of WebFabrics
clearing up some confusion and concern about an increase in U.S. shipping rates.  Kerry  tells us that their local P.O. has not been given any new restriction on the Flat Rate Envelopes they use for international shipping and that the U.S. Postal service claims that "if if ships".   Postage to Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia is now $13.95 (a rise of .50c) for a Flat Rate Envelope.  A Flat Rate Envelope has a 4lb. limit which 8 yards of fabric falls under.

Enjoy Shopping!

And just because I love a piccie and 2011 is the International Year of Forests, I thought you might enjoy this - given to me by a Dog Lover.

 'Another Problem Caused by Deforestation'
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