Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elefantz, A Wonderful Blog for you to visit...

Started following the talented and generous Jenny from Elefantz awhile ago, and was downloading her scrumptious FREE B.O.M. patterns, 'Shabby Roses', but sadly, (lots of boo hoo here gals), I lost the first three stitchery patterns from my files, so between that and the slow computer timing we have had, I sulked.......

Well today I re-visited and found that Jenny has an Etsy Store. I was able to buy the first three block patterns for a tinsy little amount (just a little over half what you would expect to pay for one pattern, sorry I digress, just had to mention that, its astounding value), and was then able to download the other 3 B.O.M.'s as freebies, so now I am up to date - can't wait to get re-started on these lovely stitcheries.

Pop on over and have a drool, Jenny has other free patterns, the cutest little wobbly tree house that would go beautifully with the wobbly houses free B.O.M. She has also just posted a tutorial on one really cute little felt pin cushion, done in her bathroom! go find out how and why at:
or click on the pretty pink new tag, Shabby Roses on the right of the page.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hancocks of Paducah

Hancocks are having a sale, fabrics for as low as $4 a yard. Their overseas shipping costs goes on the dollar value of the order, so for an order of up to $39.99 the shipping will cost you $12.00.

The above link will take you directly to the $4 page or for a more comprehensive search, go to their 'Home' link and search from the menu on the left of their page
Enjoy the shopping

Winter Workshop at the Cottage

Went to the most amazing workshop yesterday with Carol Wilkes, the workshop requirements list stated that students would be introduced to "Free Motion Embroidery", no mention of the danger of being totally hooked, and yes we all were.
Carol presented us with a huge range of possibilities, her samples are varied and stunningly beautiful, but more than that, there were so many instances of wonderment when Carol would show the most beautiful thing and explain its ordinary everyday components, some being rather ugly in their pre-Carol life. Who would think of bringing home a rather sad for wear toy from the op-shop in the hope that it would be full of slightly worse for wear polystyrene beads??? and what she did with them was a real eye opener.

This pic shows a wall hanging, two of Carols stunning bags and a wearable collar, just the thing to dress up a simple frock or jumper (sweater), all with loads of created cords.
Carol created this vest with fabric layers, created cording and suffolk puffs.
We started our workshop by creating cords, the technique looked deceptively simple, but it requires fingers like an octopus's tentacles and I managed to nick the side of my finger with the needle, it was just a tiny nick, but add to that the story Carol told of a needle 'run in' and I surely found a new respect for sewing machine needles. Mind you I wasn't the only one to fall foul of a machine needle on the day.

Some of the cords the girls were creating.
Helen decided to work on her name tag, after creating the cord she added beads and feathers as part of the exercise.

Carol told us a little of the work done by a past student of hers, Svenja, who if you went to the Textile Art Show recently in Brisbane you would probably remember seeing, bit hard to forget a stunning lass with bright pink hair and a lovely smile.

Carol and Svenja are having an exhibition at Gallery 159 in Brisbane in August. They have named the exhibition "Morphology", will post complete details when I get them, but sharpen your pencils in preparation of writing this one into the must do diary.

Below are a few sites that feature Carol and her work.




Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Quillo for a S.I.L.

Most of yesterdays meeting was taken up with organization and buzz about the upcoming Quilt Show, only a couple of weeks to go now.......eeek, just counted, only 16 sleeps......

But still Sheila has managed to slot in time to make her very luck Son in Law a Quillo to go in his new study. His fave colour is turquoise and he is very fond of birds, I'm sure that's what Shiela said
Another shot of the great fabrics used.

Lyn Ballinger Luncheon

further pics from the Lyn Ballinger Luncheon on 10th. June and Denise's Chanelle, a wonderful Japanese inspired quilt "Oriental Treasures", that she started before she joined us.

Denise showing us some of the quilting on the back of the quilt and the interesting quilt label she made.
Sheila, all organised for the big event with her lovely big smile, Lyn and Tessa in the background deciding if another table would be necessary for the food, yep it was, and they soon had another table all set up and loaded.
These are some of the goodies we had to munch on, there was a second offering of a wonderful array of cakes, tarts and pastries, but when I got there only one little heart biccie was left, and it was delicious!!
Lots of catching up and goss... er ..conversations started off the day
Sheila welcoming our Judge, Pam with a little warm up joke, boy was that contagious, the jokes and puns ran thick and fast.
Pam going through the challenge rules and explaining to us the interpretation she had put on those same rules, gee, there were rules...........?
The ladies from the kitchen, Jackie, Lyn and Tessa with the best possy for a great view of the presentations.
As is usual for these things, 3rd prize was announced first, Heather was a proud winner with her rucksack.
While Heather got Lei'ed, Pam continued with why she chose the 2nd Prize winner
There was a little more discussion, but in the end...............
Inga was announced as 2nd place getter, Inga refused to believe it for a good 2 maybe even 3 seconds
But eventually she stepped forward to receive her prize and get Lei'ed.
First Prize was announced and Janet made it to the front in double quick time,
Some more Pics of the innovative bags, purses and cushions made for the 2009 Challenge.
There will be a raffle at our Quilt Show in July for these lovely bags and cushions. Pencil in the date folks, weekend of 11th and 12th July at the Buderim Craft Cottage, Main Street Buderim - opposite the primary school.
And so, after a luncheon of great food, fun and frivolity we settled down to the business of the day, having fun and quilting and drooling over some finished works.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thursday Fundraiser - more pics....

Couldn't load as many pics as I would have liked at the time from the Thursday night girls Breast Cancer Fundraiser ( see previous post) so here are a few more pics, and I have to tell you, some of these beauties are ....dare I whisper it...ufo's........yes, really, all of this lusciousness can be unearthed in cupboards and boxes under beds all around the Sunshine Coast..........

Below we have a needlturn applique, so much work has been put into this. On the right there is a wonderfully vibrant Q.S.T or hourglass quilt, with someone's knitting project. Look at the tinsy little sewing machine bottom right, its almost hidden behind the buttons tin.
Jenny, who drew most of the prize winning tickets, along with Leticia and Judy, haming it up in the two bottom pics. Who would have thought that so much laughter and fun could be had from drawing a little bit of numbered paper from an old plastic bucket.

Sheila, enjoying a toast and the pink fairy trying to duck out of frame, gotcha Debbie!
Had to include this purple quilt and the little book of afirmations, looks really well leaved through
More of Jenny's ticket drawing with Judy playing straigt-man......er woman.

Looks like someone else doesn't want to finish their sampler quilt, and confessions to a very junior u.f.o., gee Debby, only 2 year old, surely its still a W.I..P.??
Guests really enjoying themselves, without spilling a drop I might add, and how about the cute little machine with a few more u.f.o.'s

Pink fascinators arrive and a W.I.P. from Marlene.
A bit of a backslide on the hearts Debby, that quilt show has been and gone!
Two cute Gollies, striding it out.
The Door Ladies, getting in the swing of things. Yep, counting all that lovely moolah would be stressful, any one can see how a small error could occur!

Again, It was a fun night and every thing went swimmingly. Congratulations to all involved.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Buderim Bash

Debbie and Janet were selling raffle tickets left and right as folks lined up for a chance to win one of these luscious quilts drawn at our Quilt Show on 12th July. The show runs for 2 days, 11th and 12th. for those of you who would like to visit for a yummy quilting fix.

This young Mum to be wouldn't say no to winning either quilt, but her eye is firmly fixed on the luscious pink quilt hanging across the room, machine embroidered bears and beds, sashed with a pink gingham.

Another hopeful winner with, 'Purple Passion', the green and purple lovely on the wall behind her.
Marguerite was astounded to find a machine doing its own thing, but after a bit we decided that there had to be a little man in there.

And this is the beautiful work being done by the clever little man in the Janome machine
Thread Artist Helen, showing her impressive skills, the hooped Calla Lilly in picture front is also one of Helen's pieces.
Pam modelling her wonderful creation, and showing us her crochet skills.. My fave bit of her vest is the square butterfly on the spiral.
Lyn asking Lois for a tip on fine brush strokes. There is a lovely desert scene in the works on this piece.
Spinners and Weavers leader, Dorothy was only too pleased to have some spinning and chatting time. How cool is that little Koala?
A familiar face from the Patchwork Group, Denise is also a Lace maker, here with some tatting for the handkerchief edging.
There are two ways of making tatted lace, the earliest is using a tatting shuttle and later the tatting needle came into use. Both methods make beautiful lace as you can see.

Another two talented ladies from the Lace makers-Tapestry Group, Vi showing just how simple it is to create a Tapestry, or as someone who shall remain nameless said ' an upholstery', boy talk about laughter and pink face.
Spinner and Weaver member Olive, another talented lady who came along to demonstrate her crochet skills and enjoy a good goss with friends and visitors alike. The wool in her beautifully coloured shawl was just soooo soo soft, divine.
We have so many members in the Craft Cottage, spread over the 13 groups, and Judith is a member of 3 of them, Silversmiths, Pottery and Fabric Artists, today, she was demonstrating her Silversmithing skills.
Silversmith leader, Irene, busily tapping, hammering, moulding, a piece of silver into shape and style. Irene has been a guiding force in the Cottage for many years and is just one of the talented people who give so freely of their time to keep the various groups vibrant and successful.
Fabric Art leader, Lyn and relative newbie to the group Sandrine getting stuck into felting. The machine to Sandine's left is a felting machine, although she is using a felting stick.- I know, probably not a stick, but heck, what else would a novice call it??

Sandrine also has a blog and you can read all about her exploits at
or pop on over to her etsy shop to view or buy one of her cunning hats.

Calligraphy member Helen was happy - with a little encouragement from her friends - to pose with some of her work, she had many items on display but this folding card just got the juices flowing, o.k., with apologies, its not a folding card, it has a name, but its getting late and people are saying are your coming??, we are due there soon...........
MMM Art Group member, Pauline was busily creating this lovely work of art, but was happy to stop work and show off her ...........? what do painters call their works in progress? a WIP like quilters do??, well, to me its a WIP with a future..........it will be stunning Pauline.
Pam and Cherie, just two of the folks who help to hold the day together, the various teams of ladies and gents who man the sales table. Happy to take your cash or your credit card.
And as we left, a quick shot of the folks enjoying their morning cuppa, made possible by Marilyn and her band of helpers in the kitchen.

Timber Quilt blocks

A little eye candy girls and a challenge for the woodworkers we may know.
This is a 16" square timber 'sampler quilt block' made by a very handy guy in the U.S. who goes by the name of Robin Tucker.

I stumbled on this site while cruising the net looking for flying geese blocks (gee I wonder why I would be doing that? - something to do with a Row x Row by any chance).

Robin Tucker is a member of an online group of woodworkers called lumberjocks, where you can see some of his amazing work including the above pic

Robin also has an etsy shop where you can buy some of his pieces, and yes he ships worldwide.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


.........is a subject that seems to abound in myth as well as out dated truths and half truths. To help us all understand, (read keep out of the copyright hot water,) we had the most amazing lecture by Judie Bellingham yesterday.
Judie is the vice president of the Queensland Quilters Guild, not to mention Quilting Editor of Bella Online and of course an accomplished quilter. The Guild offers the lecture to quilting groups around Queensland as an almost free service, it will cost you the price of a cuppa and a couple of tim tams, Judie mentioned those tim tams a couple of times so we knew there was no escaping the big pay-off, and a few knew there wasn't a tim tam in sight!, good thing there was an abundance of goodies on the afternoon tea table.

The lecture, sprinkled with anecdotes, was concise and easy for a lay person to understand, we were lucky enough to be given a handout of a copyright quiz, prepared by Margaret Rolfe, another accomplished Aussie quilter, - gee we have some talent in this country - but basically folks it all boils down to good manners followed by good manners and common sense - yeah I know, a repeat but it seems to be the way we should think.

However, there was quite a bit of discussion on the skimpy nature of instruction on expensive patterns, and although I 'm sure we all know just how time consuming it is to sketch out an idea, draft the pattern and write the instructions, and test the pattern, there is nothing worse than finding the instructions so skimpy that you flounder around, or give up, so maybe there needs to be more thought and manners on both sides of the 'pattern street'.

Judie mentioned the Australian Copyright Council and there are references on Margaret's notes to 'A User's Guide to Copyright: A Practical Guide, Australian Copyright Council
'Artists and Copyright: A Practical Guide, Australian Copyright Council
Hobby Crafts and Copyright, Information sheet G21, Australian Copyright Council
and a contact number of (02) 9318 1788 for the Council and web site of http://www.copyright.org.au/
so make yourself a cuppa, grab a patty cake for strength - chocolate of course, and go visit, and to reward yourself after, go visit Judie on http://www.bellaonline.com/site/Quilting and Margaret on http://www.margaretrolfe.com or do it the easy way, contact Queensland Quilters and have Judie come out for a chat, I can really recommend it.

After arvo tea, there was a cluster?, clutch?, mob? of excited and very interested ladies pouring over something on a table, investigation was needed..........
and this is what was found, this amazing stitchery, another UFO with a story!, this one from a friend of Barbara's.
Her friend bought this stitchery some 21years ago while on a camping honeymoon around Australia, see the little fish and the palm trees at the top right (Cape York). That's about all the friend managed to get done on the honeymoon - not at all sure why, but Barbara thought it might have something to do with the word Honeymoon! - I digress, sorry, well the stitchery spent quite awhile in the cupboard until rescued by Barbara, and being a quilter, she turned it into a quilt. It's fabulous, just get in close girls and have a look at the coast outline, short and long blanket stitch, done so neat and close we were all in awe, some even thinking it was a machine stitch.

and while we are on stitcheries, someone - was it you Marcia? - unearthed this little bundle of beauties, there was a number of barely started to almost completed, beautifully done stitcheries

A little pile of Show certificates
and a center page of the Sunday Sun Colorgravure Magazine from 28th June 1942.
the facing page with all these fashions was greatly admired by Leanne, who had her education expanded by the Sterling money system and the war time coupon system.
This is the colour insert, painted by Walter Jardine a leading commercial artist of the day. The word Boeing is circled in the description..........a poignant snapshot of lives of the time.
Leanne has almost finished tying her quilt, there was quite a bit of discussion on the length the ties should be left, the consensus was the same length as the cornerstone blocks, how easy is that!
We were all so excited about Judie's lecture that show and tell got off to rather a late start, with Janice showing these two quilts.
'Zig Zag Quickie' was from a class at Nambour Quilters from 'Designing Quilts - the Value of Value by Suzanne Tessier Hammond. A simple block with many setting designs to alter the look of the quilt.

'Spiral Dance' a colourwash taught by Liz Kelso, was the most challenging quilt Janice has made to date with 1054 pieces.

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