Thursday, October 25, 2018

Sometimes, its just all about fun...

...and so it was yesterday afternoon, with our combined Cancer research fundraiser and the release of the 2019 Lyn Ballinger challenge 'Reclaimed', and what's the best thing to reclaim and/or recycle? well jeans of course!
In the spirit of 'Reclaimed' Sheila asked us all to wear our jeans and to bring along something recycled from an old pair of jeans.
Inge made a trendy tote,
log cabin block one side and double pockets on the other

Betty found an old market/beach basket, the handles were tatty, there was a bit of rusted metal on the front but with a new pair of handles, yep, sourced from another old bag, and some nifty flowers constructed from various light weight denims, this beauty emerged.
a closer peek at variety of those denium flowers.

Marie had fun with her cutie, 'Fleur' the piglet,

Marlene shared a great story of tartan ties, family and reunions.
What to wear to a reunion when ones kilt and tartan sash along with the weather refuse to co-operate? well get a friend to make you a totally unique accessory from a beautiful tie that has lain in its box for many a year. Bet you can't guess who the friend might be??
Such a clever idea and a real hit at the do...wouldn't be surprised to hear of more of these coming into being.

Marcia must have felt like going for the over achiever award, she shared a bounty of goodies with us, 2 denim bags
a hessian market tote she decorated a few years back with suffolk puffs and buttons.
and a blast from the past, a colourful vest made from recycled fabrics, the lining was from her daughters skirt.

Val got the 'twofer' award. As a prolific creator of charity quilts, Val is always on the lookout for something 'boy' to create with. She was delighted to be given this great fabric that originally had been a curtain. Just perfect to make a boy quilt, so reclaimed curtain fabric and a charity quilt.

Wendy recycled an old t.v. turntable thingy and created the bestest quilting accessory ever, a rotating cutting mat for by her machine.
Yeah, you can buy these things, but where is the fun in that?
Wendy also mentioned that she has a larger turntable she created from an Ikea lazy susan - she thought it was about $12 to purchase so cheap as well.

There was a myriad of stories surrounding all these great ideas, the one with the biggest 'awww' factor was a story by one Gran who made a pair of Teddy Bear overalls for her little Grandson, who is little no more, a teen in fact, but still asks Gran to make new overalls as and when needed.

The funniest story, which BTW came with a 'Cajun' dance routine of sorts, (just to demonstrate mind you) of Pat dancing - close dancin she was keen to point out - with a gentleman other than the Darling. Said gentleman was so taken with Pats dance moves, moves mind you, that in the demo, looked more like a well mannered attempt to escape whilst gasping for air than a sexy slow shuffle, that he had to present her with something to remember the dance by, and so she is now the proud possessor of a pair of Cajun 'crawfish' earrings. Yep, real claws, painted and hung, see them sitting there on the gardening masterpiece, no? look closer... and don't be distracted by the wonderful, many times mended gardening jeans of Pats darling.
I do believe that there is even a crutch mend under the folds, but that is a story for another day.
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