Thursday, May 22, 2014

Terrific Quilts, and more of those H.S.T's

Our thanks once again to Lorraine for the words and pics for our Blog post.
Thanks Lainey.

Wendy and the quilt she made on the cruise. It is a bit out of her comfort zone but she has a granddaughter who thinks it is marvelous.

Sue has made this quilt pattern before but this one is for her husband’s office wall (I think that is what she said)


Val had made the centre of this wall hanging quilt for the Lavender, Lace and Letters exhibition a few years ago. She always thought it was too small so has just added a few bits to it.

Mary interpreted Sue’s workshop last week with a bit of appliqué. When she was sewing the triangles she found a small hole and there was not enough fabric to recut the triangle. Lorraine and Sue suggested that she appliqué something over the hole. Well, she has certainly done that. Mary Poppins is floating up into the night sky and you would never guess where the hole is.

Lorraine has done 2 tops and will finish them when her visitors go home. 

Pat thought that just 2 colours was unacceptable in her world so added a few extras from her stash.

Marcia and Marie both had purple moments. Marie added a bit of extra colour to hers.

Chris is still arranging her red and white pinwheels.
Wow, girls, some terrific quilts, Thanks again Lainey - A

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