Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Breast Cancer Fundraising

A bit of an addition, Sheila phone this a.m. and tells me that we raised $180. for Breast Cancer research. Well done ladies!
Jackie was quick off the mark with displaying this beautiful 'Roses' Quilt, about the fastest thing that has ever happened to it from the story Jackie tells, she fell in love with the pattern way back last century.....gee I've always wanted to write that.......when she saw it in a Joanne Brasier book ......back in '95 actually.
It was then a 2 year project of collecting and assembling, but Jackie really got a go on around April & May last year, with the quilt living on the floor for a couple of months (either no pets or very well trained pet) and although she now reckons that there are fabrics in the quilt that she wonders 'what was she thinking' no one could agree on which ones they were.
Its a beautiful quilt and will adorn a wall in Jackies Home.

Sue was finishing the binding on this little beauty that she said was an excursion into the realms of what not to do & use. Her sis Marion, that we met in a previous post, named it "Jewel in the Crown" because one of those little squares is not repeated in the quilt at all.
It was a joint effort between Marion and Sue to assemble the squares into a top, with Marion setting the squares out, Sue deciding that it needed the black to set off the colours and adding the green to give it zing.
Ugly duckling into beautiful Swan..........maybe we can re-visit some of those old U.F.O.'s and turn them into Swans for the Quilt Show. ummm perhaps.

The Group recently purchased an 18 1/2" square ruler to add to our 'tools of trade' collection , and as luck would have it, Heather, who had just recently done a Machine Quilting class with Judy Bellingham, and was wondering what to do with the practice squares, decided in the spirit of 'use it up' to make us this great cover for our ruler! Thanks Heather.

Di, one of the Thursday night gals joined us for our Breast Cancer Fundraising Arvo Tea, and was working on this 'Stolen Quilt' - better than a free quilt using your scraps, a stolen quilt comes about when you raid your long term friends stash, and yep they're still mates!
Sue with this vibrant pink and orange quilt, although I conned a piccie, I missed the story! how slack is that. Love the great effect the floral binding makes.
We had our little bit of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea today, it's an annual event to raise funds for breast cancer research, generally aimed at being Australia wide on a specific morning, it's become quite acceptable to hold one within that week. One contacts the Cancer Council and is issued with a kit and off you go...................raising funds to your little heart's content.

Porcelain Painters share the Cottage with us on Wednesday so we invited them to be our Guests and share in the fun.

Inge, who grew these beautiful orchids, bought them along for our table decoration, she suggested they be raffled off at the end of Arvo Tea and we were all agreeable to that I can tell you!
And the were won by someone who had the Good Luck Fairy sitting on her shoulder,

Just look at all the booty! Flowers..........

A prettily embroidered wash cloth and scented soap ummm can still smell that fresh fragrance.

Not to mention a cosmetics bag for it all to go into.

Inge, being shy behind her table runner, (Inge! shy! I here you splutter, your right, really she was hiding from Betty). Just look at that laugh! Gorgeous Japanese prints set on point and sashed with black and a blue/black binding.

Two of the early winners, pretty pleased with themselves, but notice the prize on the chair to their left? that was the beginning of a winnings pile won by Barbara
who was having too much fun sampling Patricia's shortbread to worry about unwrapping goodies, that was to be savoured latter on, back at the worktable.

How 'bout that finger, is she telling me that she has only had one biccie??.................
Lucky Sue won this pattern for a Sewing Folder, lots of storage compartments but she won't be stitching that on Friday, she is off to the Textile Art Show in Brissy.......woo hoo......
One of our guests got a little booty, a lovely silk scarf in just the right colours and a little note book, Next to her Barbara had to be prodded to open her gift cleverly wrapped in a chux dish cloth......... turned out to be another kitchen goodie, a lovely tea towel, can't have enough pretty tea towels, it's a pip when you have someone volunteer to wipe up and all you have to offer is the 3 for $4 type you picked up at the supermarket.

Maree was happy to win this pretty magnetised shopping list pad for her fridge, very handy, just what she needed she was saying

Another big winner was Heather, who decided this little lot was just the ant pants for the new caravan
she also won this lavender embroidered shower hat,
and Sue thought that it should be modelled...........
How cute is this covered and logo'd little notebook, just right to pop into your purse with a list of must buys from the LQS.
Barbara nearly had a conniption when she won this, white hangers wrapped in bridal paper, ...omg...but then she remembered, her daughter is engaged......whewwww
It's been mentioned before (and will again) that we are gearing up for our quilt show, and as all you quilting folks out there would know, advertising is a bit of a challenge as every penny spent comes our of revenue, it's a tough call on where to spend your advertising dollars, well how lucky are we.........
Elaine has a son in the printing business, and he very kindly made us up this eye catching range of variable sized posters. Thank you so much Scott.
So ladies when you next need printing done pop over to Maroochydore to see Scott at Snap Printing, just across the road from the R.S.L. - Now that's gotta be good business placement, a great place to wait for your printing to be done........
Now there was a fair bit of shyacking around when I took this pic, and a lesser person would have posted those pics, ...........oh all right then, if they were just a little in focus I would have, but I guess shyacking at the Cottage should stay at the Cottage.

Meanwhile the quiet achievers were hard at work, Patricia stitching perforation lines on more raffle tickets to be formed into books.
This is why Patricia was our 'Star of the Month' recently.
and Betty, who was so busy with the photocopier that she managed 1 3/4 lines of her knitting, what wonderful colours, and that's the pattern under the skein of wool.........maybe when you finish Betty, you might bring it in for us to see.

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