Thursday, February 25, 2010

More beautiful hand dyes..........

Meg bought along another big box of hand dyed silks for us to share yesterday, including occasional pieces of lace and braids, yummo, everyone had a ball but it was so hard to choose just one piece,
At times the competition got a little fast and furious, with every toss of the fabrics unearthing another treasure.
Thank you again Meg for sharing your beautiful bounty with us.

Wendy showed us this beautifully stitched little treasure with the vibrant sashings complimenting the coloured stitcheries.
I have to tell you, those little stitchery raindrops have nothing in common with the raindrops that are falling as I sit here in front of the computer, its pouring, and the drops are huge.

Wendy went on to confess that the backing was a fabric from her stash..........from when her kiddies were little tots.  She wasn't sure what she bought it for originally, but thought perhaps PJ's??
Would have made cute Jim Jams for littlies, but better as a backing, what do you think?

So a day with not much Chantelle (Show and Tell) was rounded off by a delicious Arvo Tea, and I heard a rumor that next week, recipes will appear........will post them for you.  That chocolate and nut mud cake was divine, can't tell you about the strawberry and plum tea cake, it got scoffed real fast but if the ummmm's were any indication it was yummo too.
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