Thursday, May 7, 2009

Janet's Kalidoscope, some really cute Bears ....

.........and a beautiful soft kiddies quilt were some of the lovelies to be drooled over yesterday at the Cottage.
This stunning quilt 'Midnight Garden' was made by Janet in a workshop with Fiona from the 'Quilting Fairy',
Janet tells us that it is made from one piece of fabric (4 meters of it) with some cunning cutting and very careful stitching.

The method is to line up your pattern repeats, pin carefully, cut into 6" strips and then cross cut at angels to form triangles. You know, real easy!

The blocks are formed as hexagons and then assembled, another easy step no doubt.

These two close ups show the quilting, done with a nice variegated thread.

Janet used a beautifully soft Moda wide fabric for the backing which really shows the quilting, beautifully done by Fiona from the 'Quilting Fairy".
Well done Janet, on this more than stunning quilt, its a keeper!

Betty was hard at work finishing the binding on this lovely kiddies quilt, destined for the sale table Betty tells me.

WOW! This is stunning!, when Heather bought these blocks along and did a test layout she decided that the fan and the tile was a bit bland, well she certainly fixed that.

Heather added the tiny hearts, the yellow dots and green teardrops to this one, it certainly has life now.
Heather kept mumbling about, 'Well they are all finished now', well girls we have all heard that one before, this quilt goes from fabulous to more fabulous-era. (Yeah, not a word but it should be in the quilting vocabulary) Yesterday the blocks were being squared up, so we will hopefully get to see it sandwiched in the near future.

How cute is this? and who made it? so pretty, so vibrant, I do hope, hope that I win. -- o.k. yeah, I know, that's selfish, but isn't it the cutest?, who wouldn't want to win!

A WIP from Heather, just to add some variety to her quilting and lampshade making life.

And who was so deeply in concentration on starting this long awaited project that she was late for a cuppa?, can't wait to see this work further along.
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