Friday, February 16, 2018

How to Beat the Heat...

...simple really, flick the switch and activate the Air Con. Boy are we ever so grateful that one room of our Cottage is airconditioned, its a smaller room but with a little organisation we can all fit!

Karen presented a tutorial to the group on making cute pouches, with a clear plastic front and a zippered opening, these cuties can be made at any size to fit your needs. Just the thing for stacking and carrying 'take along projects'. Karen has made a few of these for our various Fairs as well as accepting the odd commission for gifts

Cheryl shared her version of the pattern Wendy presented a couple of weeks back, using a different layout for another stunning quilt.

Di sent pics for us to share of some of her U.F.O.s, missing is a pic of a lovely blouse she finally finished.
First pic showing Di's Hexi cushions using a lovely soft pallet is courtesy of Penny of Patchwork Angel, thanks Penny.
Di's U.F.O. Show and Share was of a beautiful Shashiko wall quilt.
Using non traditional colours makes this a georgeous addition to Di's home.
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