Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our Local Volunteer Fire Brigade and our Raffle Quilts

Remember that 'last Australian Quilt' of Catti's last week?, well it may be the last finished Aussie quilt but there is another quilt in the offing...Cattie bought along this flimsey to share.  Buttonhole applique and made from an Ella & Skysie pattern, one of a series of Hats, Bags and of course Shoes.
Best Wishes for a safe flight Catti, we will miss you.

Julie has been busy creating these two quilts for the Sales section of our up-coming TREE-mendous Quilt Show.
Both quilts are simple designs (so says Julie) with a stunning look.

Judy created this lovely using Japanese prints from her stash for a very special person in her life.  It's to be posted off as a surprise in the next week or so, so not too much can be said at this point.

Each Cottage Group takes it in turns to place their works on display in the Atrium display cabinet.  This month it is the Needlework gals turn to skite and share.
 Fran, who had been to lunch with some of the girls bought these tiny beauties back to pop into the cabinet

The proceeds from our wonderful Raffle Quilts will be going to a very worthy cause, to help support our local volunteer Fire Brigade, the Ilkley and District Rural Fire Brigade.  These worthies, along with many other volunteer Brigades throughout Australia, give their time, energy, and experience not to mention fire fighting skills to help protect us from the devastation that a fire can bring.
Sheila invited Harold Baxter, the First Officer of the Ilkley and District Brigade along for us all to meet and for Harold to give a very informative talk on what is involved with the running of a volunteer group and how they have to go about raising funds to keep themselves viable, since the slashing of Government funding.
Harold mentioned just how hot the fire retardant suits are, and after a little bit of a try on, I can tell you, he's right!
 So after another yummy arvo tea, we waved bye to Harold and some of us got down to work at sandwiching a quilt, this one Ailsa's Hidden Wells, started in the recent workshop the group had.
 Some people do, some watch and the rest of us just offered vital advice......some of it was even listened to, not acted on mind, but listened to.

And why is this post sooo late?, well here's a little hint.
 Yep, a family wedding..the Bride was radiant, everyone was Glam but this little treasure stole the show.
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