Thursday, March 3, 2011

Browns and Kayaks

Bit of a slow day at the cottage yesterday,but a lovely pair of quilts from Julie.

Julie created these 'crossed kayaks'  for her Guest bedroom, using the same fabrics with a layout variation

Gwen bought along her finished scarf, she loved the one Marcia created and got busy on her own version.
Part of the charm of this scarf is the varied sizes of the little crochet squares.

Catti had another wonderful piece to share with us, a beautifully embroidered stitching caddy to pop over the arm of your favorite chair as you stitch and watch tellie, possibly while having a little refreshment to make things hum along.

Spotted this handy dandy wrist pincushion - Janice will be presenting a workshop on 'how to' in a couple of weeks, so lots of variations will be floating around shortly

Beryl spent some time burying threads ...........Thank You Beryl!

and that cute little roll on the quilt there??, It belongs to Jackie, strip pieced by hand  26 years ago! - I kid you not!
 Jackie made this little lovely in a workshop all those years ago and then promptly went off and created an entire quilt using her new skills, and yes we have been shown that lovely.

An update on the car park work..........with a bit of a mystery...
 We understand the huge hole (covered with orange plastic) probably a Buderim floater or a tree root had to be removed, we can see the point of the garden bed by our entrance, (nicely rounded concrete corners) and of course the storm water outlets, but no one can come up with an answer to what on earth the last pic is???not a Garden bed, earth is being compacted, and look at those sharp concrete corners!  There have been some wild guesses......and I guess time will tell........but, please don't let it be a toilet block, just to block off a bit more of the view over the escarpment.  (What is it with architects who think it's nicer to look at a brick wall than a view!!??)
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