Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quilts, WIP's, Hanging, a little stitching.........

......and this amazing little invention
amazing as Lorraine I. is, I'm talking about the bag/roll - quilt room in a kit thingy that she is showing.  A friend of Lorraine's had a similar roll, Lorraine decided she just had to have one of those, so drew up a rough pattern/idea and went to work, end of day, one amazing roll/bag - quilt room thingy - there is a place for everything - I kid you not, and on the outside there is a pocket, empty yesterday, to stash your choccies when going on retreat.
More views of the amazing quilt room thingy...........
 and a pic of it rolled up and ready to go..........I flipped the piccy for a better view, that is why Lorraine's arm has that 'what the?' look.

Wendy bought her finished Row x Row in to show us, it is destined for her spare bedroom, just fancy visiting and getting to sleep under such a wonderful quilt.
Wendy finished off the rows by putting a wider 'rail fence' border and two narrower borders around her quilt.

Janette is doing a set (don't you just love it, a whole set) of wall hangings of Japanese Ladies, she bought in Lady #2 to show us yesterday, looking forward to seeing Ladies No.1 and 3.
Janette and her Darling went on a little cruise over the Chrissy break, and as part of the relaxing activities they were going to share reading a trilogy, well some people read faster than others don't they? so what to do, she managed to find a little tapestry kit and a tiny sewing kit, to which these tiny little scissors belong, aren't they cute?

Sheila is busily continuing with her Son and Daughter in Law's quilt, she is using the large and the small Drunkards Path templates from our Library and coming up with some terrifically innovative blocks, like this turtle..........
here are some of the other blocks Sheila showed yesterday, the top right block will be a stylised version of the Custom House in Rockhampton, the city where Son and D.I.L. live,  and the circle will be a, Sheila did 'I Spy' quilt for adults, so looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.
oooh isn't that last block blurry!........not sure what happened there.........probably busy gossing.......the photographer, not the stitcher.

Val made this version of a Chinese Coin quilt to donate to her charity group, made from strip pieced scraps Val tells us it didn't use up anywhere near as many scraps as she would have liked, I guess there will be more scrap quilts in Val's future.
Another of Lorraine I.'s designs, inspired by a magazine pic, Lorraine made this vibrantly coloured beauty over the Christmas break and bought it in to share with us yesterday.
While designing the quilt Lorraine realised that if she double stitched the H.S.T.'s, instead of having a lot of left over triangles and scraps she would end up with extra blocks to use in the backing of the quilt..........
and so another reversible quilt was born.
Found these cuties on a table down the back, seemed to be just hanging around waiting..........stuck them together and took a pic...........who's were they??
My goodness, they have multiplied.............and there are 9 patches too...........still no owner..........
Eventually mystery solved when I spotted Betty walking around with a bear block, there will be little hearts on the Bear's tummies and Betty was getting opinions on what fabric to use..........some of her precious Japanese prints?, or perhaps something a little pink?........what do you suggest?

And lastly, you might notice a green 'Free Rice' button in the sidebar,
 Free Rice is a non-profit website started in 2007 and run by the United Nations World Food Program, you get to challenge yourself, improve your language or maths and with each correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated via sponsors to the World Food a bit of fun, a bit of a challenge and a good deed too...........with a nice choccie and your fave drinkie......what more could you ask?..........well actually I'll ask you, what is a gilet?? thanks to this little game I now know it is a vest..........can't wait to use that one!
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