Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Arm chair quilt show.

One of the great things about 'blog land' is being able to transport yourself around the world, viewing others work that you would never otherwise see.
Dolores, a lovely Canadian Lady with her blog 'True Blue Canadian' has an array of quilts pics from the Etobicoke Quilters Guild to share with us.
Starting as part one here, going on to part two and finally part three where you will see this amazing machine pieced and machine quilted prize winner.

Pop over to Delores blog for a really great close up of the work on this quilt and many others. 
Just click on any of Delores pics for a closer view, your mouse pointer becomes a little 'magnifing glass' icon,
move it over the quilt and click for an even closer view of the stitching and quilting.
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