Friday, August 1, 2014

Pat has come across a wonderful site that helps with colour palette selection, there are two main ways to search, mix a colour using their red/green/blue mixer which will then go fetch a pic and swatch that incorporates that colour or by clicking on a theme which will then bring up a selection of pics and palettes

Design seeds will even e-mail you a daily pic with the colour palette, such as the one below, just subscribe on their site at:

 painterly brights

 Lots of hexies of all sizes and designs being stitched, Marcia with her little 1/2" flowers, Marguerite is making miles and piles of quilt as you go hexies and Fae has assembling her traditional designed hexies into a flimsey.

Stella bought along her stunning foundation pieced flimsey to share.  It is soon to be machine quilted by Fiona from Quilting Fairy, looking forward to seeing the completed quilt!
She was encouraged to create this beauty by her Darling's comment of  'you make quilts for everyone, why not one for our bed?'
Stella thought that she would just use scraps but found that wasn't the case as all, and more visits to the L.P.S were necessary to get just the right contrast and fabrics.  Now, what to turn those extra fabric scraps into?

Now, we always have a great afternoon tea, such as these delicious nibbles below.
Occasionally we are treated to something totally outstanding, and that was the case last Wednesday.
Tessa baked this marvelous Blueberry cake for us.
It was one of those that went above the 'oh this is nice' to WOW, THIS IS NICE, YUM!'
Tessa found a dessert and cake recipe book at the local library and so far has tried 3 cake recipes from it, all an astounding success.
So what is the name of the book?, dunno, forgot the name of the author.....(I know, I know, kicking myself...) but all is not lost.  Tessa will bring us along the name of the book and we can share.

Gals been stitchin' beautiful quilts

Lots of lovely quilts at the Cottage, all captured by Lainey who also sent the stories for you all to enjoy!  Thanks Lainey.

Betty has been clearing out her stash since moving house.
She says that this has hardly put a dent in it but she promises to keep on working at it.

 Julie has been stitching these gorgeous little shapes together. Estelle taught us how to do them a few years ago. They are a great way to use the last of some really lovely fabric. She now has a set of good looking place mats.

 Sue has been cutting out more toiletry bags for us to sew. She thought it might be useful to show how they are put together  and demonstrated by wearing one on her head. Not really sure why as the bag wasn’t big enough to cover her completely.

 Karen has been working on this lovely Bronwyn Hayes kit. She played around with placement of the blocks and changed the original layout. She also changed the border fabric but the effect is magnificent. 

 Val has been hard at work creating monsters. They are friendly, happy looking ones though.

 Val made this stunner from some leftovers of a quilt she made some years ago featuring sashiko embroidery. You must admit the fabric is far too good to leave in the drawer. I think this one will be for sale at our Christmas Fair. Come early.

Sue doing a Foo impersonation. This lovely crazy patch is from Sue’s stash and sewn quilt as you go. I didn’t photograph the back but each square has a different pink backing.

 This lovely is from Janice. She has made this rag quilt from some truly good looking flannels. Some extra layers were put around the edge to really fluff it up. This quilt is available for sale in the Atrium Gallery at the Craft Cottage.

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