Monday, September 19, 2016

Its all a mystery...

Just what are all these gals up to, lots of hubub going on...
Turns out, its all about Wendy's wistful mumblings of mystery quilts at the Mooloolah Valley visit.
We are doing a Mystery Quilt!
Wendy has written up the pattern! a first for her.
And Yes, of course, we will be posting the instruction so anyone can follow along, so look for the instructions in the next couple of days.

It seems that just about everyone has an ipad or tablet these days, great for pics of quilts, links to quilting blogs, merchant sites and patterns. But more importantly, a great tool for sharing pics of those most important people in our lives, the Grandies...

Pat was working on her latest and shared the flimsey with us, cats playing ball, makes one smile, gonna be a great quilt, possibly for sale in our Atrium gift shop.

Wendy had two delicious little baby quilts, mading 2 for choice and stitched a sweet label for the chosen quilt.

Karen stitched the cutest little apron for a 2yr old Grandie,

Val has been busy stitching quilts for Laurel House, a charity that helps kiddies affected by sexual abuse. The counselors often talk of 'the elephant in the room' and there are many elephant figurines dotted around the offices so when Val came across this sweet cross stitch she knew just what to do with it.

Val also created this cutie, just perfect for a dog lover, however, when quilting with a serpentine stitch she found herself wandering across those loving faces, a bit of reverse stitching took place and problem solved with a meandering stitch around those cute doggies faces.

Our Cottage is surround with gardens and backs onto bushland so visitors of the wild kind have been known to drop in from time to time, but this little fellow decided to investigate a little further, mananging to get lost in the back room. They may look cute, and they can be cute, some become tame enough to eat blossoms and vegies from your hand, but if feeling threatened the can give you a nasty nip and just look at those claws - I can tell you those suckers scratch like billy oh if he decides you are a nice high perch and runs up your leg!!
Luckily Big Bad John came to our rescue, snatched up the equipment needed and herded lizzy out the door!
Well, actually, Caligraphy group have their exhibition on in the Atrium and John was on duty - but that doesn't sound half so wild west. Thanks John.
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