Thursday, December 10, 2015

Najidah Open Christmas Tree and the Last meeting for 2015...

...well, at least for the Wednesday arvo gals, to cheer us up, Marie bought along a little baggie of cuttings to share.
Wendy has graduated to large blocks, (faster quilts?) and shared these with us, all needleturned applique (hmm...maybe not such a fast quilt) in brights on an assortment of grey backgrounds
Of course, you have to have the bestest nicest scissors to snip your threads when doing needleturn, and Wendy certainly had the right ones, a little treat from Japan bought while on hols in Tassie.
Peer in closely, you can see the makers mark stamped on the blade.

Mary has been working on a quilt for her Grandies big boy bed.  Started out with a set of panels, then it had to be made larger and finally the request for even larger, Mary did a bit of quick thinking, not to mention a quick trip to the fabric shop and with the addition of the quarter square triangle blocks achieved the right measurements.
Deciding on the layout, lots of swapping and changing around.
and then the assembled flimsey.  These two pics are from Mary's ipad.  Thanks Mary, hope to see a pic of the finished quilt in the new year.

When not handing out pelargonium slips, Marie was stitching  lace flowers on what will be sweet little skirts for 3year old lassies.
Ahh Christmas, so much stitching.  Mind you, a quick call by Marie to the daughter to check on the right skirt length got the response, 'Sorry Ma, no one here has a tape measure', guess what someone is getting in her Christmas stocking!

So what's Marlene and Beryl up to? workwise that is, we can see they have been mucking around and doing lots of giggling.
Marlene is E.P.P. kites is what, this is number 7 of ?, its a great little bring along project.
In the project's early days Marlene wasn't too sure of which order to place her fabric choices, she took a pic of her two choices, posted the pics on her Paper Piecing facebook group and asked for comments.  74 responses later this was the fav layout, with good reasons for the choice.  Now thats what facebook is all about!

Beryl is stitching circles, not in circles, just circles.
Beryl makes a little gift for the office gals each year, "nothing big" she says,"just a little thank you".  Lucky office gals, these will have little hanging tabs for versatility.

Sue was getting quite a ribbing while stitching down the binding, smart comments about how the fair is over, getting an early start for 2016?, you can imagine.
After dissolving in a fit of the giggles she fessed up.  This cutie is just for her because...she forgot the wadding!
Yep, that last midnight dash to create more for the fair saw this one quilted together and not a spot of wadding to be found!
Sue says it definitely wasn't a 'Seniors Moment', nope, just a midnight mishap.

Karen, who's hands never seem to be still, is creating something shashiko with a twist.  Using a lovely muted green fabric - yes I know - blaming the camera really- it is a lovely fabric.

Sue on the other hand, pensive, always a danger when Sue gets pensive, betting its all about those Najidah toiletry bags and how to upgrade and upmarket.  I think I can see a workshop or working bee on the horizon.

Those gals at Najidah are a busy lot, sadly they were not able to come along  to the open Christmas Tree day, so no big display for you to marvel at the generosity of a bunch of quilters, just a peek into a  pile of half opened boxes.
There were more quilts than you could poke with a pointy stick,
39 of them actually, 35 for Najidah Mums and Kiddies and 4 for STEMM.
Did manage to snap this cutie as Val was folding it up for the last box. Love the backing, makes it a reversible.
 Then it was a game of stack 'em into the back of Lainey's car to transport to Marcia's garage for overnight storage.
Just that little bit of space left, those 3 boxes and another 2 still in the Cottage! but they made it, good thing it wasn't a long trip!

IMHO - well possibly not so humble - the Buderim Patchwork Group can be justifiably proud of all the work, time, energy and $$$'s they put in to support the Mums and Kiddies who pass through Najidah, and although for obvious reasons we never get to meet any of them, (we do get treasured Thank You notes) -   we all heartily wish those little families a carefree and safe Christmas.

Last afternoon tea for 2015.  
Janice and Denise gave us a lovely afternoon tea, cakes, bickies, mince pies, chockies and cherries.  
What could be lovelier. 

Lastly a Sheila update for you all.
Zoe (left) Sheila and Alison (Right) outside their apartment in old part of Athens called Plaka.
Sheila's note:
We walk everywhere down different little streets each day. Tomorrow we are going on a cruise to 3 close Greek islands,swim maybe ?  The weather has been great. Today we saw a main st closed & lots of police because John Kerry (USA) was visiting.
Yesterday there was a big demo against cut in pensions!
Lots of pointsettia for sale for Christmas.
Cheers Sheila
Merry Christmas  you guys and keep those piccies coming!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Last of the Christmas Fair and a Christmas Party

Firstly, a little Christmas decoration for Sheila.
Sheila sent us best wishes for a great Christmas lunch along with a snap of herself holding the only concession to Christmas decorations in their European apartment, this little fabric stuffed Christmas tree.
And yes, they are all having a wonderful time over there in chilly Europe!

Our Christmas Fair was a great success, with pretty close to, if not record breaking sales.

The Cottage looked a treat, as usual, again....still...
The Garden committee do an amazing job, all volunteers who quietly just go about the business of keeping our Cottage grounds looking so wonderful.

Entrance to the Cottage is through the Atrium, which houses our Gallery and sales center throughout the year - always a great place for chance meetings!

Got a few update pics of the clever work done by the Yarn and Fibers gals, Karel was there, 'womaning' the sales table along with some help from another talented lady. 
The Nativity figures are always  popular, and scarce, only one or two sets are created each year.

Just look at all the other novel items these ladies create! Dolls for someone special, toys galore, mittens and gloves, novel tea cosies, christmas tea cosies, christmas decorations, scarves etc etc, the list just goes on.

Porcelain painters have extended their repertoir.  Along with the platters, plates and christmas baubles
 not to mention the beautifully painted figurines they create,
the gals have now branched into wall art in a big way.
Perfect for that small space you need a little visual 'something'.

The clowns were out in force, zooming around the entire Fair, chatting to one and all.

The 'Tea Patio' was a popular spot to rest, or catch up with old friends while nibbling and sipping,
and taking in some of the many Lions club stalls set up on the lawn.

Jan had all the right accessories to set the 'Tea Patio' mood for a fun and relaxing time.

The Wednesday Patchwork gals decided to go to the Pub this year.  Yep our Christmas Lunch was at the Chancellor Pub Tavern, in a room all to was great, plenty of room to spread out, Marie, Wendy, Pat, Marcia and Sue did a great job, although there was a bit of a hurried conference at the beginning of the day, yep you guessed it, someone paid but didn't put their name on the attandee list...oops!
Not to worry, those talented gals soon sorted it all out and we were off to a great day.

Denise arrived with a bit of 'hot stuff' to share, a hunk and a half she met on hols, (doesn't that sound saucy? ) Stella was quite the 'star' she had her very own flashing christmas lights.
 Marie did a great job organising us (difficult at times) and presenting the games,
one of which was the game of counting points for what you may or may not be wearing, Inge beat the pants off us all with a combination of pearls, lots of them,  and buttons, my goodness, she had buttons all down the front as well as all down the back!!!

Sheila had invented a quiz based on members that caused a bit of consternation and fun I can tell you!

Lastly,  lots of laughter and squishing of envelopes when it came to passing along the 'secret santa' postcards each of us had made, a great idea from our Party Committee.
All in all a fun day.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Fair - today is the day

Yep, the Buderim Craft Cottage Christmas Fair opens today (Friday 27th Nov) at 1.00 p.m.

Craft Cottage will be joined on Saturday by the Buderim Libray and the Lions Club with over 50 Market Stalls for the Annual Buderim Christmas Fair.
The Fair spreads from around and through the Memorial Hall, into the Library and across the lawns to the Craft cottage, where you can sit on our patio for a refreshing cuppa and snack or lunch before wandering through the Cottage rooms.
There are some amazing articles for sale and even if you aren't in the market for a gift, a visit will be well worth your while just to see some of these beautiful and sometimes quirky pieces.

Patchwork Group have something for everyone!
Cute little stuffed toys, this little Miss has her family with her.

Christmas stockings in all sizes and styles. 

So, so many bags, there are beaded and fringed totes, pouffy bags and Santa Sacks

Beautifully created bags with a Japanese theme and a quilt to match.

A range of kiddies summer clothes, the cutest little frilly nickers but this outfit stole my heart.
I know a Grandie that will pop into that rather nicely, after all, you have to be a bit formal for Chrissy Dinner.

Talking of Chrissy Dinner, there is a huge range of mats, runners, coasters and trivets to dress your table, from the traditional to the modern.
Check out the cross over coasters, just the thing to deal with condensation on a hot summers day. - bottom left pic, the one with the demonstration champers glass.

Of course there are lots of quilts for you to view, everything from small modern,
Kiddies, Geometrics, Traditional and a Christmas wall hanging.
Here, a pictorial panel in pastels and a sloth of appliqued bears.
How neat are those button hole stitches! and yes, they are hand done, never ceases to amaze, the consistency of those stitches.

A Traditional pieced, a printed panel with loads of sparkle and a quilt for a princess, birds, butterflies and elegant bird cages.

Those are just some of the patchwork goodies for sale this year.

Walking back through the Cottage, gals and guys were busily working away at setting up their displays, even so, they very kindly gave permission for some pics

Fabric Artists have another delightful range of dyed silk goodies, nic nacks, note books, jewelry, scarves, (oooh the scarves, so much luxury for such a reasonable price!) totes, bags, wearable art and even the most lovely framed silk paintings for your wall.
Two more wearable art pieces frame this beautiful under the sea wall hanging.

Caligraphy Group have a range of goodies along with the all time favourite greeting cards and notebooks, such as this ever so delicate verse written as the ocean waves carrying a tiny yacht on the crest, little wonder this work won it's creator a first prize ribbon, you will have to visit to enjoy the beauty of this piece.

Jeff of the Mixed and Multi Media group does stylish work using stainless steel, timber and cutlery.
This piece is

 While new member Silvia has created some rather whimsical homes for little critters using gourds.
Cobweb Cottage and Mudcrab Manor are just two of her creations.
Cobweb Cottage is home to a tinsy little mouse who keeps the cottage spotless with her little broom.

Needlework Group have many of the ever popular beautiful creations as well as some lovlies with a new twist.
Beautiful lace work on linnen, beaded and embroidered wall art, sweet little doilies - always a favourite.
Christmas Angels, lavender and lace sachets, lace and embroidery trinket boxes, sweet little embroidered mice, and you can just see a tiny slice of a delightful embroidered white bear.(bottom left-wearing a pink bow ;0 )
Another favourite that generally sells early, beautifully stitched and embroidered lawn nighties, just the thing for our hot summer nights, baby smocked dress, elves and bears. Just a few of the many delightful needleworked items for sale.

Potters Group have turned out some whimsical and some stunning work .
A murder of crows and an amazing banksia pod.

The final pic - 'Season's Greetings' replete with stunning candles, from the Potters,  just how special would this be in your entry?.
Hope you can visit our Christmas Fair, it's promising to be truly spectacular.
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