Monday, June 22, 2009

Thursday Fundraiser - more pics....

Couldn't load as many pics as I would have liked at the time from the Thursday night girls Breast Cancer Fundraiser ( see previous post) so here are a few more pics, and I have to tell you, some of these beauties are ....dare I whisper it...ufo's........yes, really, all of this lusciousness can be unearthed in cupboards and boxes under beds all around the Sunshine Coast..........

Below we have a needlturn applique, so much work has been put into this. On the right there is a wonderfully vibrant Q.S.T or hourglass quilt, with someone's knitting project. Look at the tinsy little sewing machine bottom right, its almost hidden behind the buttons tin.
Jenny, who drew most of the prize winning tickets, along with Leticia and Judy, haming it up in the two bottom pics. Who would have thought that so much laughter and fun could be had from drawing a little bit of numbered paper from an old plastic bucket.

Sheila, enjoying a toast and the pink fairy trying to duck out of frame, gotcha Debbie!
Had to include this purple quilt and the little book of afirmations, looks really well leaved through
More of Jenny's ticket drawing with Judy playing woman.

Looks like someone else doesn't want to finish their sampler quilt, and confessions to a very junior u.f.o., gee Debby, only 2 year old, surely its still a W.I..P.??
Guests really enjoying themselves, without spilling a drop I might add, and how about the cute little machine with a few more u.f.o.'s

Pink fascinators arrive and a W.I.P. from Marlene.
A bit of a backslide on the hearts Debby, that quilt show has been and gone!
Two cute Gollies, striding it out.
The Door Ladies, getting in the swing of things. Yep, counting all that lovely moolah would be stressful, any one can see how a small error could occur!

Again, It was a fun night and every thing went swimmingly. Congratulations to all involved.

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