Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Marcia bought these Kaleidoscope blocks along looking for a little inspiration and a few ideas on how to lay them out and use them, Wendy had a great idea of patchwork blocks between the circles and a piccie to boot, Heather lay the blocks into this layout which had a lot of approval, nicely balanced, and Marcia kind of liked the idea of a darker plain background.
Wendy thought a lighter background would be the way to go and proceeded to demonstrate, bit hard with only 2 small pieces of fabric but you get the idea.
Sue came along at this stage and asked Marcia if she realised she had holes. Marcia thought that there is always one in the crowd. I really can't report where the conversation went from that point, but I can tell you that some were laughing so hard tears were shed.

This is some of the original fabric for the Kaleidoscope, very pretty in its own right.
There seems to be a bit of a Kaleidoscope and Hexagon madness going on within the group, there are hexagons of all sizes spread around the tables and Kaleidoscope quilts galore. Sue made this Kaleidoscope variation in a method she named Twist 'n' Stitch, as she stated 'Its a simple quilt because I'm a simple girl', or did she say it was an easy quilt?......oh well.........whatever!
There was the odd thread or two still dangling around on the flimsy and Sue murmured something about them reminding her of someones chin, that started a bit of a rush to the ladies for some serious peering into the mirrors I can tell you, and some people were just mean and hogged that mirror mercilessly.
Found this great piece on the display table and no sign of the creator, but after a bit, Lorraine came back from Lunch and laid claim to it. It was started at the Lorraine Carthew workshop we did last year, as Lorraine said, about 6 months overdue. But heck, its not a UFO anymore so that can only be a good thing.
As is the case so often with a UFO, little bits get mislaid or used either in error or just because we think 'what the heck - I'll never finish that and I really need that little piece of perfect fabric' and that is what happened to Lorraine with this little quilt, the piece of fabric for the top left hand sky went walkabout, .... what to do??
Lorraine solved the problem by using plain white fabric and colouring it with her pencils. Clever girl!, and if I didn't dob, you would never have known, now would you?
Lorraine with her wallhanging saying 'don't you dare dob!'.......oopsie, sorry Lorraine
Now what on earth is Inge cutting out tiny hexagons for?, well she is getting a little take along project ready and the finished hexagons are going to be used in the world's biggest hexagon quilt challenge that will be held in Gatton, Queensland in May 2010, a n d, get this, everyone who participates in the challenge will go into a draw for a Fabric Bundle Prize valued at $250.00 WOW!, wouldn't you just love to win that. All the details and the story are at the end of the post.
Did you notice those cute little cathederal window cushions on the box lid by Inga??
Yes these little cuties right here. They are little Christmas Tree Decorations, how precious are they!........and who was making them?
why, Betty is making them, she was just sitting, concentrating, stitching and churning these little lovelies out, hope they are for the Christmas Fair, the Grandies would just love them.
This is the information for the World's Biggest Hexagon Quilt Challenge, seems that you can make as many or as few of these as you like or are able.
And do scroll down to the next post to see the pics of Carol Wilks and Svenja's information cards on their Gallery Showing.

Morphology with Carol Wilkes and Svenja

They arrived!, they came!, they are here!,
yep, the excitement has been building waiting for these to arrive.
The front and the reverse of the cards advertising the new Carol Wilkes and Svenja Showing.
Carol, who was one of the Tutors in the recent 'Winter Workshop' at the Cottage just happened to mention that she was ever so busy getting ready for a Gallery Showing, well of course we all wanted the details, a chance to view more of Carol's work isn't something to be missed.
Carol was most enthusiastic about Svenja's work, and now we can see why, this is stunning, Carol's references to fungi now make sense, very beautiful sense.
And a sneak peek of Carol's work, there are more of Carol's pieces featured in the June 28th posting for you to check out although Carol hinted that the Gallery pieces were all different to the work she had to show us at the Workshop, just can't wait for the opening.
For all the info I have cropped the back of the card as well as the front. See you there!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

O.K., Show is over, time to get a move on for Christmas.

This was the sight that greeted you on arrival at the cottage Wednesday after the quilt show, new projects to be researched and inspiration to be culled from our rather excellent library.
Some were busily stitching already, although someone, who will remain nameless - yep there was a promise of pain if she was named managed to have two threads and two needles on the go at the same time, bit of an oopsie there, but she soon sorted it out.
Then there was the big announcement of the Winner of the Lyn Ballinger Challenge Viewers Choice and presentation of the trophy, and prize voucher. But why was Shiela whispering, not so secretly, to Ailsa?, well that stayed a secret, neither would fess up.
and they certainly thought it was a good secret, we weren't to know the joke until next Wednesday as it happened.
As Heather had been away, lolling around on Frazer Island and just generally having a good time with family and friends, the presentation of her Best of Show prize was made this Wednesday, and now we found out the Sheila / Ailsa joke of last week, the prize envelope was empty!!.
Proof positive of what a good sport Ailsa is.

Heather is telling us an amazing story of Judy's commitment to quilting her quilt. The lady had just pinned Blue and Gold Beauty to the quilting machine and was rushed off to hospital for an operation, she was barely out of the sick bed when she started quilting, Heather was shocked! but as Judy explained 'Beauty' was her therapy, what an uplifting story.
Sometime ago, there was a 'B' challenge, make a small pictorial block with as many 'B' items in it as possible, the blocks were given back to the makers today and just for fun I thought you might like to see how many 'B's' you can see.

Sue and her friends are off on a Red Hat Lady excursion in the near future, these cuties are to be part of their outfits, bet they have a whale of a time.
This lady popped in to collect the Lyn Ballinger Challenge Bag that she was lucky enough to win.
And at the end of the day, a special afternoon tea, your scribe had a big birthday, one of those that ends in an 0. Thank you all for a wonderful day and especially to Marguerite for organising the tea. I was rather overcome by it all.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A sad tale with a caring ending.

On the morning of the Quilt Show, while the girls were setting up for the Devonshire Teas, they noticed a group of three girls, Sarah, Lizzie and Leah, gathering leaves and piling them up. Things took a different twist when it was noticed that these young lassies placed a marker above the leaves.
One of our ladies went to investigate and found that these 3 caring lovely girls had found a dead possum and using the only thing they had available, the leaves and their hands, they buried him and marked his grave.
It was a source of conversation throughout the morning, how three wonderful little girls cared enough to take care of an animal that had died.
The pic was taken by one of the Devonshire tea ladies and passed on to me. I fuzzed the piccie, but girls you know who you are and if you would like a copy, let me know.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Well, I think that the final quilt pics have been loaded. There were a couple of other projects going on at the same time, so pics got re-arranged in Picasa. I am yet to check off the numbers so if you see that your quilt pic is missing, send me an e-mail, don't be shy, just send it to or to the group's e-mail at

I am off to play with the Grandies, some people may think I am turning up to help with the working bee, but nope I'm a gonna play, but before I disappear, I would like to give a few personal thanks to the folks that helped make this show the success that it was.

Of course all the group members who worked so hard, but a special thank you to those from outside the group, a lovely grandaughter who helped hang quilts, husbands who helped in all manner of things, erecting signs, up ladders to hammer in nails, gathering beautiful flowers and a miriad of other jobs and the members of the press who gave us such wonderful coverage, the reporter, the photographer and a Mr. Andy Kippen, who so generously gave permission for us to put the pic of Sheila and Fran that featured in the newspapers - please note the plural there- onto our blog.
A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL and I would like to share my roses with you,
they were given to me as a thank you and are too pretty to hog all to myself. They were grown by a Machine Embroidery and Patchwork Member and her Hubby, Grown where we Live.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Biennial Quilt Show 2009

The continuing posts of the many wonderful quilts, machine embroidery, and wearable fabric art are posted in the second post below. Still to come - more quilts, the tea ladies, helpers, the raffle quilts and winners, the merchants and lots of pics of the goods that were for sale.

This was the sight that greeted the many visitors to our Quilt Show today, and indeed will greet the folks that will visit tomorrow.

Exhaustion is such an ugly word, but by today's end a few of the gals are pushing up close to it with these silly grins on their faces. The show is a resounding success and all the hard work has paid off.
Congratulations to all of you.

Loading the pics of all these wonderful quilts is going to take awhile, and yep, load 'em all I will.
There is not one single quilt I could bear to cull. So check back often over the next few days and there will be new lovelies for you to enjoy.

They will load in the post below, in the manner of Blogger uploads, the most recently loaded pics will be at the top, so not too much scrolling will be needed.

I hope you enjoy looking at these quilts as much as I have.

Stitchin' Scribe.

Biennial Quilt Show 2009 continued

Heather was on white glove duty when Judy popped in to the Show, what a great photo opportunity, the quilt maker and the quilter with what turned out to be - yep - no more suspense - Best Quilt of Show winner was Heather with Blue and Gold Baltimore Beauty.
Congratulations Heather and the runners up.

Sheila with 'I Spy Jack' a wonderfully vibrant 'I Spy' quilt of her own design that she made for one of her Grandies, coincidently named Jack. This pic was taken on a quiet moment, about 2 mins before the doors opened and then it was all go for Sheila.

This Lovely was on the wall behind the entrance table so was impossible to get a full piccie. Lorraine took this just before the show was disassembled and e-mailed it to me, now I'm sure there is a way to get this pic to full size but that is a learning curve that lies ahead, and so not to deprive you of this beauty, here is a little pic and a half pic.

Lola was inspired by her Ruby Wedding Anniversary to make 'Spring Garden' using her own hand dyed fabrics and a pattern from Mimi Dietruich's book. 'Spring Garden' was hand stitched and hand quilted with Lola calling it a labour of love.

'Moonlight Garden' was started by Lorraine at an in house workshop on the 'windmill' technique taught by June. For inspiration on the quilt layout Lorraine drew on a quilt by Elizabeth Kennedy that she saw in a magazine.

Julie started 'Mariners Compass' at a cottage workshop with Lessa Seigele. It is paper foundation pieced by hand and quilted by Fiona from Quilting Fairy.

Miriam used her stash for the lovely fabrics in 'Love of Diamonds'.which is based on a Joy White pattern called Diamonds Forevermore. 'Love of Diamonds' is machine pieced with the applique flowers stitched by hand. Miriam had the quilt professionally quilted by Carmen Brown.
We had two merchants tables this Quilt Show, Totally Patchwork at 10 Main Street Palmwoods, Phone 5445 9090 if you can't live without the pattern for this cutie.

eWe also had Patchwork Angel at 343 Mons Road, Forest Glen, Phone 5477 0700.
Below is Penny with a stunning quilt and a range of the goodies available in her store.

Goodies for Sale.
These are just some of the quilts, table cloths, table runners, bags, cushions, toys and other items that were offered for sale by our members.
The sales were so successful that some of the girls bought extra sale items in for the Sunday, the poor old sales room went from looking stuffed the the gunwales to looking a tad bare by the end of Saturday.

'Roses and Lace' is it's name and that is just what it is. Beautiful trapunto with white lace sashing.
A closer view of one of the blocks in 'Roses and Lace'

Betty helping to display a rather lovely quilt in the sales room.

These smiling faces, Lorraine, Louise and Marlene were the first to greet and assist on Saturday morning.
Inside the sales room another two willing helpers, Debbie and Jane.
Back out in the display rooms we have some more lovely quilts.

'Blue Diamonds' is a Kaffe Fassett pattern from his patchwork book from 1997. Jackie collected fabrics over a long period of time and began the quilt as her 'bring along project' in 2009. The quilt is hand pieced and professionally quilted by Judy of Furball Farm Quilting.

Lorraine made this Mystery Quilt from a series run in Patchwork & Quilting Magazine and had it professionally quilted.

Betty & Inga, mid way through Sunday stopped for a cuppa and a scone.

Julie made 'Ellen's Quilt' for her sister from a Karen Montgomery pattern and fabric range. Machine pieced and professionally quilted by Fiona of the Quilting Fairy.

Gwen made 'Gentle Jacobean' after having made a Jacobean quilt from Patricia Campbell's design, this time in pastel colours on a blue background and adding some beaded embellishment.

Judy made 'Hexagon' for a dear friend of hers. Judy wrote in her quilt story 'I tried to kaleidoscope each hexagon, a crazy idea I had to use up material. All it did was leave me with pieces of material with lots of holes in it.' Somehow I don't think that leftover fabric would have been wasted.

'Flutterby' is a Jelly Roll quilt the Julie started at a Patchwork Angel workshop for her Grandson Matthew's Birthday. 'Flutterby' is machine pieced and quilted.

'Scattered Pieces' has quite the story, started at a Los Angeles workshop with Judith Tasker Mount, it travelled with Jackie in the USA to Melbourne and then to Buderim, finally being finished in 2008. 'Scattered Pieces' is hand pieced and hand quilted.
Naomi, Val's Niece choose the fabric for this quilt, it is to be her wedding present. Val designed the pattern placement and hand quilted 'Naomi's Quilt.

Judy used patterns from various books for her inspiration for 'All Things Oriental', the fabrics are hand dyed and Judy has also made some of the flowers and butterflies three dimensional.

Denise and Estelle, pens at the ready, selling quilt raffle tickets.

Janet's show winning quilt 'The Midnight Garden' started life at a workshop with Fiona at Patchwork Angel. The quilt is a kaleidoscope made from just the one fabric with borders. 'The Midnight Garden' was machine pieced and professionally quilted by Fiona of the Quilting Fairy.

'Pastel Lattice' was made by Louise from her scrap stash, strip cut and machine pieced, it is machine quilted with some hand decoration. 'Pastel Lattice' is for the spare bed in their home.

'Through the window I can see' Lyn's second "I Spy" quilt, made for her Grandies when they visit. Lyn machine pieced this cutie and had it professionally quilted by Fiona the Quilting Fairy.

The Devonshire Tea Girls all lined up and ready to go, early morning Saturday, and they still had those lovely smiles at the end of the show.

Lorraine who has a penchant for greens, needed a single bed quilt to take on retreat and just wanted to use her stash, and that's how 'Do I Have Enough Green Fabric' was born, there are 80 different greens in this quilt. Lorraine designed, machine pieced and machine quilted this lovely green and white quilt herself.

Marlene started 'Stars Over the Block' at an in-house workshop with Thursday night leader June Sulzberger. 'Stars' is machine pieced and professionally quilted by Fiona of the Quilting Fairy.

'Giant Dahlia' is a Michelle Yeo design, and Julie felt it was just begging to be made for her bedroom. Julie machine pieced 'Dahlia' and had it professionally quilted by Quilting Fairy.

Machine Embroidery Group also had some of their work displayed via a challenge that they held.
Now machine embroidery can be a little understood art by those who aren't involved, kind of reminds me of someone not too far from me who used to say that she couldn't understand why anyone would cut up good bits of rag to sew back together again..........sigh...
Anyway here is a pic of the groups aims and their challenge rules.
Some of the beautiful work presented by the Group, no names of course because it was a, not getting the names.......picking a winner!Coasters for the games table.

Glasses case with the bottom of a bag with a marvelous sashiko design, yep, you guessed it, I muffed the bag pic.

Such a finely worked runner, as mentioned, no names but I'm thinking that with the delicate edging this would have to have been made by a Machine Embroider who also is a member of Lace Makers.

This is a table runner with the design repeated along the length, close up to show the great design.

An absolutely stunning wall hanging, strip pieced and machine embroidered.

A crisp linen tote, perfect for a special summer outfit.

Design worked into the corner of dinner napkins

This wonderful double sided box with a hinged lid - lid not shown in pic

Colourful place mats with 3-D butterflies, worked onto tulle and affixed to the mat borders.
How cute is that, and how special would you feel sitting down to a meal using these lovelies

Another clever wall hanging of vintage cars.

Of course there are pics of how the girls incorporate these beautiful designs into their other crafts, patchwork, wearable art, toys, lace work etc featured in the Easter and Christmas Fair posts.

Estelle with 'Can you see what I see", an 'I Spy' quilt made for her Grandchild. The lovely bright quilt is machine pieced and quilted.

'The long way Round', was started by Marlene for her Grandaughter Elliana with just 6 fat quarters via the USA and another 2 from Patchwork Angel, see where patchwork leads you?, just this little fattie and then another to join it...'.
Marlene based 'Long way Round' on 'Crazy Eights', a pattern from Bits'n'Pieces. Fiona the Quilting Fairy used a butterfly pattern in the quilting for Marlene

'Past Times' is a Threads of Time Pattern that Judy altered by adding a couple of rows to make it larger. Judy machine pieced her quilt and had it professionally quilted by Fiona from the Quilting Fairy.

In her quilt story for 'Golden Triangles', Fiona states 'I have seen wonderful design come from one fabric in the Hexagonal Kaleidoscope'. Now thanks to this quilt so have we. Fiona machine pieced and quilted it herself on her long arm machine.

Lola started her Baltimore in 1995 with Dianne Johnston, using Dianne's had dyed fabric and then progressing to her own hand dyes, finally finishing it in 2009.
'My Baltimore' is reverse appliqued as taught by Dianne Johnston and professionally quilted by Ester.

'A Season of Rugby' was Jenny's take along project while watching her son play rugby, it is hand pieced using the English paper piecing method and hand quilted.
This pic only shows part - well most - of the quilt, because its a large quilt and hung relatively close to a wall, the pic taken from the side to show the entire quilt seemed to distort the pattern, it is a beautiful quilt and half is better than distortion. I hope you agree.

Wendy has had this little baby as a WIP for a few years now, so long in fact that she has lost the original pattern - well lets face it that could happen in a week or two - but onwards, Wendy pieced the centre star using the English paper piecing method and machine quilted 'in the ditch' as well as having her first attempt at hand quilting to bring us 'Stars and Wreaths'.
A closer look at the beautiful hand quilting on the center of Wendy's 'Stars and Wreaths'

Quilt Show 2007, the Angel seems to have done quite a bit of harvesting of newbies into the quilting world. Leanne purchased this kit from Patchwork Angel, and not being a 'blue' fan, dropped those fabrics, add a few more and turned her 1 meter square quilt into a Queen size quilt, and as quilters do, got carried away, just a tiny bit more, by making pillow cases and cushions to match.
The original pattern was a 'Wildcraft Farm. Leanne machine pieced and then embroidered the quilt.

Julie's quilt 'The Flower Field" is a lovely collection of stitcheries, interspersed by Half Square Triangle blocks with appliqued flowers on one side and mirrored quilting on the other side, giving a shadowy effect that is enhanced by the irregular block sashings.

Traditionally the Fabric Art & Surface Design Group have a display of their work amongst our quilts, this year the emphasis was on jewelery and there were some lovely pieces.
I was lucky enough to take this pic before one of the models decided it was time to go and cook dinner for the family, imagine my surprise when one of the models just upped and left!.
Bet you can't pick which one it was, oh well alright, just one tiny little hint, its the one holding the pen.

And no, it wasn't a ploy to get away with the goodies, that beautiful blue piece is her own work and here we see it on display.

You couldn't be anything but happy and smiling, wearing this piece, it just seems to be saying 'Summer holiday by the Beach'
But the piece that really spoke to me was this one, firstly because its pink, and after 40 years in an all male household I feel the need for a little pink in my life, got the pink toaster, got the pink kettle, want the pink mixer--oh dear, I digress, sorry but that wisdom bit wouldn't go astray and the protection bit would be rather handy to have too, dont cha think?

Some more early morning, 'behind the scene' pics, beautiful bright Hibiscus blooms bought in by this chap, for his wife who....
.....placed them decoratively on the tables for extra colour and to complement.....
......these little cuties,
Betty made them to decorate the Devonshire Tea tables, cute little Suffolk puff bouquets.

And this was all topped of by Inga bringing in lots of these.......vases and vases of colourful flowers and foliage scattered throughout the cottage
The Cottage looked a treat.

Before opening on Saturday, Sue finally starts to relax, having a well earned coffee and a little sit down behind the new and improved raffle boxes. Rumor has it that there was a huge reward being offered on Friday arvo for the whereabouts of the old boxes.
The new ones are nice, Sue, they are a lovely shinny plastic, yeah, nice is the word.
One of the two 'I Spy" Quilts Lyn made for her Grandsons, the other one is............well it's definitely here somewhere bound to surface soon I'm sure.

Jackie's Rose Garden quilt, just couldn't get the camera, yeah it was the camera, absolutely, to take in all the beautiful colours. And I know it was the camera 'cause I have taken a pic of this quilt at 'Chantelle' one day without a problem.

Judy and Betty, trying to get warm before the crowds arrived.
Several times as visitors stopped to admire Debbie's Quilt, Judy was heard to remark in a stage whisper,"Betty, they have stopped to look at us, It must be our purple outfits"

Tuscan Sun, just the right name for this rail fence on point, with its warm earth and golds set off by the varied blues.

Happy Bears its named and Happy bears are there in force, even in the border. Louise machine pieced this lovely little boys quilt and machine quilted it.

Denise has made wonderful use of off-set Attic Windows to showcase some very special fabrics in her quilt 'Oriental Treasures'.
Betty, rushing through, boy that lass can travel, " 'scuse, 'scuse, just got to fix.........."..and the rest was lost as she rushed off.

Stunning Sashiko in red. After a bit of a stitching drought - (too busy wearing different hats to keep the cottage running smoothly,) Betty made this quilt for her very lucky daughter Jennifer, a keen St George follower.
Sashiko completed by hand, blocks machine pieced and machine quilted.

The 'Paper Bag Quilt' started life in a paper bag, a small group of friends all put a piece of fabric of a colour that they considered to be a challenge to use. Gwen of course always rises to the challenge as we found out in her very entertaining talk back at the end of April this year and so another stunning quilt came into being.
The center is a basket of fabric flowers, rusched, folded and gathered, with a liberal sprinkling of beading.

This aptly named 'Puzzle Quilt' was inspired by a photo in Australian Patchwork & Quilting by Julie Daniels called 'I spy Jigsaw'. Inga machine pieced her quilt and had it professionally quilted by Carmen Brown.

Barbara's tessellated quilt, 'Whirlygig' is a series of 6 triangles to make each hexagon, each triangle is made up of 3 equal sized pieces, and for the life of me I cannot think of its name......those funny oblongs with one side too short has a name, Sheila is the mathematician, I shall have to ask and get back to you all. Well you all probably know, don't you?
Barbara hand pieced the quilt using the english paper piecing method and hand quilted it.

'Summer in Provence' just makes you want to pour a nice crisp little white wine, sit back and dream. Denise started this lovely at a Medallion workshop and kept on adding, a bit of a danger with Medallions I have heard. sort of like beading, when do you know to stop?!

Maree wrote on her quilt story that 'Two by Two' is a simple quilt, well just have a look at the fabulous feather quilting on the mauve blocks, beautifully off set by the stippling on the white sashing.

Elaine was inspired to make 'Purple Persuasion' by a quilt designed by Cheryl Filbey and featured in an APAQ issue. It was professionally quilted by Carmen Brown.
Just wondering about the 'Persuasion' part of the name, Elaine mentioned when she bought her quilt along to Show and Tell that she would have to get her Darling to re-paint the bedroom to match.........Hmmmm..

Judy machine pieced this quilt top while on a retreat with friends in 2005, she machine quilted and finished it last year as a lap quilt for her daughter, and the quilt colours suit the home beautifully.

Denise machine pieced this quilt using a Barb Kukulis pattern called 'Bargello Heartbeat'.
The colours are what Denise would expect to see in the southern lights, hence the name 'Aurora Australis'. The quilt was professionally quilted by Glenda Aitkin from Rockhampton. The border fabric is a lovely black with sparkly silver points and swirls, just perfect for a night sky.

'A Window on Asia' began its life in an Attic Window class, Denise machine pieced the quilt and developed the design to incorporate the two lighter panels and use some of her much loved Asian fabrics.

Tessa made this beautifully stitched quilt for her new Granddaughter with a pattern she bought from Patchwork Angel, the cute little stitcheries are each framed in lovely soft colours and are just perfect for a lucky little baby girl.

Leanne was so inspired by the 2007 Quilt show that she signed up for quilting lessons at the Patchwork Angel with Fiona. Leanne machine pieced the quilt and finished it with a combination of machine and hand quilting, choosing to hand quilt some sections using crocheting cotton for a stunning finish.

Lorraine is a self confessed Sudoku addict and drew on the Sudoku squares to design her quilt 'Sudoku'. she pieced and machine quilted it herself. This quilt was one of the first to walk out the door, the only reason it wasn't sold by 9.05 was the lady kept walking between this one and Lorraine's other quilt 'Scrap Quilt'.

Janette decided to take a little pew while waiting for the doors to open, how convenient, just by her lovely quilt 'Butterfly Kaleidoscope', some days the luck just rolls right up to you.

Lorraine was inspired to use her Kaffe Fassett leftovers by a Pam Lintott quilt. She used a stone coloured background to make the 'Gems' stand out, machine pieced and machine stippled. Gee, leftover fabric - a free quilt!!

Lyn needed a quilt for the new littlie in her life. Her Grandchild Dana, Lyn choose colours to match the nursery, machine pieced and quilted it and added some hand quilting for effect. Dana's quilt is based on a Linda Denver pattern using strip piecing and applique.

Debby started this Mariner's Compass two years ago in a workshop with Lessa Seigale, and by dint of 'holding her mouth just right' she managed to get all those points to match. Debby has stated that she is glad she has made this one, but a second effort?, well I guess life is just too short. Debby hand quilted the coloured sections and Fiona Bell of the Quilting Fairy machine stipple quilted the white background.

Val is a very busy lady, not only involved in the Cottage Needlework and Patchwork groups but also has a group of ladies that meet to make Charity Quilts, as you can imagine donations to the charity quilts are always welcome and Val found this little beauty, a Lynette Anderson design amongst a recent donation, she hand appliqued it and then quilted it with a mixture of hand and machine quilting.

Sheila's little 2yr old Grandie wanted/needed a quilt and of course it had to be pink, so using the new E- Z templates and 3 star block patterns from Marcia Holm's wonderful site Quilter's Cache, a veritable treasure trove of blocks and quilting info, she designed this lovely for Emily. Sheila machine pieced and machine quilted 'Galaxy of Stars' for Emily.

Lorraine used mainly scraps with a few new fabrics (an almost free quilt!) to make these Half Square Triangle blocks, she then lay them on the floor to arrange in a pleasing diamond design.
'Scrap Quilt' was designed, machine pieced and machine quilted by Lorraine.

'Christmas Wish Quilt' was made by Wendy for her family as a memorial to her Dad who passed in 2007. She hung it at Christmas for all the family members to make a wish and remember. The Pattern of stitcheries was from a Homespun Magazine, Wendy machine pieced and quilted this wonderful family quilt.

Jane used a pattern to create these lovely and varied butterflies all hand appliqued with buttonhole stitch, each block double sashed and the colours carried over to the pinwheel border

'Forest Glimpses' started life as fabric gifted to Louise by her daughter, the lovely New Zealand prints have made a stunning quilt. Louise machine pieced and used a machine decorative stitch to quilt.

The center medallion of this Round Robin quilt was taken from a Patchwork and quilting magazine and then added to by the friends in the round robin group. It has been professionally quilted.

Betty bought the pattern for this lovely quilt 'Poppies in the Park' while on holiday in Western Australia, it is a Carmaree Design, - I hope I have spelt that right -
Betty has incorporated into this lovely wall hanging, pieces created in a Carol Wilkes workshop, she has hand as well as machine pieced the top and machine quilted it.

'Reach for the Stars' is one of those quilt stories we all love to hear.
Tessa started the quilt at a Workshop with Anne Munro back in 1994, she got it to flimsy stage within 12 months and then lay it away as a UFO, in that seldom visited place that all quilters have. Tessa re-discovered this lovely after 13 years and finally bought it into the world of quilts.
'Stars' is machine pieced and quilted by both hand and machine.

'Marion's Quilt' was made by Sue for her sis Marion.. Sue chose a classic 'Cathederal Windows' pattern and added a twist with a sprinkling floral windows and the very clever 'stones' center.

Janette made this Japanese style jacket at a cottage workshop with Jan Bennett and assistance from Sue. Sue also helped Janette with the colour choices. The result is a lovely jacket but Janette feels it is too warm to wear here on the coast. The Jacket is machine pieced and quilted.

'Scallywags from Bendigo' is another example of quilters using a pattern and changing it to suit.
Estelle purchased this pattern from Lyn Hyland of Li'l Blokes pattern designs and then added embroidery and other fabrics.

Another of Judy's lovely quilts, all those points meeting beautifully. 'Peppermint Crisp' started its life in a workshop, it is machine pieced and machine quilted.

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