Thursday, June 18, 2009

Copyright............ a subject that seems to abound in myth as well as out dated truths and half truths. To help us all understand, (read keep out of the copyright hot water,) we had the most amazing lecture by Judie Bellingham yesterday.
Judie is the vice president of the Queensland Quilters Guild, not to mention Quilting Editor of Bella Online and of course an accomplished quilter. The Guild offers the lecture to quilting groups around Queensland as an almost free service, it will cost you the price of a cuppa and a couple of tim tams, Judie mentioned those tim tams a couple of times so we knew there was no escaping the big pay-off, and a few knew there wasn't a tim tam in sight!, good thing there was an abundance of goodies on the afternoon tea table.

The lecture, sprinkled with anecdotes, was concise and easy for a lay person to understand, we were lucky enough to be given a handout of a copyright quiz, prepared by Margaret Rolfe, another accomplished Aussie quilter, - gee we have some talent in this country - but basically folks it all boils down to good manners followed by good manners and common sense - yeah I know, a repeat but it seems to be the way we should think.

However, there was quite a bit of discussion on the skimpy nature of instruction on expensive patterns, and although I 'm sure we all know just how time consuming it is to sketch out an idea, draft the pattern and write the instructions, and test the pattern, there is nothing worse than finding the instructions so skimpy that you flounder around, or give up, so maybe there needs to be more thought and manners on both sides of the 'pattern street'.

Judie mentioned the Australian Copyright Council and there are references on Margaret's notes to 'A User's Guide to Copyright: A Practical Guide, Australian Copyright Council
'Artists and Copyright: A Practical Guide, Australian Copyright Council
Hobby Crafts and Copyright, Information sheet G21, Australian Copyright Council
and a contact number of (02) 9318 1788 for the Council and web site of
so make yourself a cuppa, grab a patty cake for strength - chocolate of course, and go visit, and to reward yourself after, go visit Judie on and Margaret on or do it the easy way, contact Queensland Quilters and have Judie come out for a chat, I can really recommend it.

After arvo tea, there was a cluster?, clutch?, mob? of excited and very interested ladies pouring over something on a table, investigation was needed..........
and this is what was found, this amazing stitchery, another UFO with a story!, this one from a friend of Barbara's.
Her friend bought this stitchery some 21years ago while on a camping honeymoon around Australia, see the little fish and the palm trees at the top right (Cape York). That's about all the friend managed to get done on the honeymoon - not at all sure why, but Barbara thought it might have something to do with the word Honeymoon! - I digress, sorry, well the stitchery spent quite awhile in the cupboard until rescued by Barbara, and being a quilter, she turned it into a quilt. It's fabulous, just get in close girls and have a look at the coast outline, short and long blanket stitch, done so neat and close we were all in awe, some even thinking it was a machine stitch.

and while we are on stitcheries, someone - was it you Marcia? - unearthed this little bundle of beauties, there was a number of barely started to almost completed, beautifully done stitcheries

A little pile of Show certificates
and a center page of the Sunday Sun Colorgravure Magazine from 28th June 1942.
the facing page with all these fashions was greatly admired by Leanne, who had her education expanded by the Sterling money system and the war time coupon system.
This is the colour insert, painted by Walter Jardine a leading commercial artist of the day. The word Boeing is circled in the description..........a poignant snapshot of lives of the time.
Leanne has almost finished tying her quilt, there was quite a bit of discussion on the length the ties should be left, the consensus was the same length as the cornerstone blocks, how easy is that!
We were all so excited about Judie's lecture that show and tell got off to rather a late start, with Janice showing these two quilts.
'Zig Zag Quickie' was from a class at Nambour Quilters from 'Designing Quilts - the Value of Value by Suzanne Tessier Hammond. A simple block with many setting designs to alter the look of the quilt.

'Spiral Dance' a colourwash taught by Liz Kelso, was the most challenging quilt Janice has made to date with 1054 pieces.

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