Thursday, August 11, 2011

Colour Streams Kit Raffle

First visit back to the group yesterday and what a delight! really missed the fun while I was away, not to mention the wonderful arvo teas...but more on that later.
The Cottage runs a 'Winter School' each year where we invite tutors from various crafts to hold classes that all are welcome to be a part of.  This year one of the tutors was the very talented Robyn Alexander of Colour Streams and as a 'Thank You' Robyn donated one of her fabulous kits to the Cottage to use as we desired.  Well how do you share that out....brilliant idea. Raffle it!!, so the Cottage members are all invited to buy a ticket  and hopefully win this wonderful kit.
Thank You Robyn for this great opportunity.

Marguerite has been inspired by the quilt show to finish her version of the Garden Quilt.  Some of the girls  started this as a friendship quilt last year, with some even making it into the Quilt Show!   The push is on for those unfinished quilts to make it into an exhibition later on in the year!!

We often have a 'Buy' Table, donated curtain leftovers, and bits from the odd stash here and there, sometimes one wonders just what to do with a little piece of fabric, well Sue has solved the problem... make a bag.
This cutie has a top zip closure, inside pockets and Sue has used thick cording to make the handle rings.

Lorraine has a new phone, and as always happens, you want to protect that little newbie. Being a knitter as wall as a quilter, Lorraine knitted herself a phone purple of course!.
 Afternoon tea saw a presentation of some lovely goodies, including a few Gluten free items, - Thanks Christine - but the big hit was this delicious cake made for us by Tessa's Darling..major yummo.
 There will be a bit of catching up to be done with the blog, there are lots of lovely quilts still to be shown from our Quilt Show, as well as pics from two Trunk Shows.

Our Raffle quilts went to great homes, and the proceeds were presented to Harold, the First Officer of the Ilkley and District Fire Brigade at an afternoon tea.
We even had the local tellie folks come along and film the presentations as well as the gals from the group showing off their knitting quilting skills.
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