Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiny little gathering .........

Gosh, you could have shot a cannon down the length of the cottage today, a combination of getting over the fair, Easter and of course some Grans looking after the Grandies........but we still had some great 'Chantelle'

Janet brought along this amazing quilt, created for her Son and his Bride
As Janet's DIL is a New Zealand lass, she was thrilled to be able to find and incorporate a few New Zealand fabrics and motifs, such as the fern with the letters NZ, as well as the Maori symbol of ferns in white with black and mirrored in black with grey (last 2 fabrics, top right)
Fiona from the Quilting Fairy did a lovely job of machine quilting for Janet, using a curved design, reminiscent of the Curled Fern pattern.
Janets choice of backing goes beautifully with the quilt fabrics, however the quilting design is hard to pick out.
And here it is, the pic as promised of this wonderful quilt beautifully displayed on a bed, thank you John......sorry about the delay, had to get help from the Darling.......

Lorraine's friend is about to become a new Gran, and not being a sewer at all asked for a baby quilt, Bub is due in a few days, so time was of the essence.
Lorraine decided to used these vibrant 'stack and slash' blocks that she had made while teaching a class recently.
Of course, no time to hand quilt, so Lorraine tried out her new sewing machine, a Janome 6600.
With the extra throat width Lorraine was able to lay each block flat for quilting, making this lovely sun pattern a breeze to quilt.

Awhile back Lyn made a 'How Tall Are You' wall hanging for her Grandsons.... between them.... you know the story that is coming don't you?, yep, call from Daughter, that wall hanging kept being kidnapped (wallnaped?) by one or the other of the Grandies, now I won't say they were fighting over it, (we all know our little angels don't fight now, don't we?)  but things were getting a tad sticky.
Using a patchwork magazine pattern for inspiration, Lyn reduced the pattern by 50% to create this beauty,
Now this should certainly stop any fussing, don't you agree?  It is off to its new home, a freshly painted blue wall.
A closer view of some of Lyn's creative work, my fave is the elephant, or maybe the X-ray.
Lyn has used 'numbers' for N, this little guy new his numbers when he was 2 1/2 years old, I guess Mum being a Maths teacher would have something to do with that <g>.
Did you see the sunrise this morning?.......fab, fab, fab, such glorious colours.
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