Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas is in the Air

...with lots of Show and Tell of a Christmas theme, but first I'd like to share this pic of the Grandie with you. 
He loved visiting the Cottage at our recent mini retreat and taking pics of the girls working on the mystery project, a wall hanging with an innovative way of displaying your Christmas Cards (slip paperclips over bright small buttons - Cool huh?!) 
As soon as we got home he raided the stash, choose his fabrics and asked, 'Grandma - show me how'.  Little did we know that a couple of days later he was to break his wrist, so here he is, in his black plaster showing off his wall-hanging.

Entrance to the Cottage is through the Atrium where we have a lovely glass display cabinet that all the groups take it in turn of filling and displaying their craft, this month it is the Patchwork groups turn and as Christmas is just around the corner we decided on a Christmas theme for our display.  
Lorraine bought in these lovely tree decorations, prairie points folded from wire edged ribbon.
 Janice bought along more of her Suffolk Puff tree decorations.

Christmas stockings that we have seen previously, but they are so cute another viewing won't go astray, we even unearthed a fourth one at the other end of the table - Thanks Ailsa.

Sets of Hexagon placemats with contrasting backing, some with matching coasters from Janice.

Sue has another take on her machine assembled Hexagons, these coasters with a cute star being formed in the center.
The bags have been finished from Sue's workshop, Louise and Ailsa helped display them for the pics - Thanks girls.

Helen bought her latest flimsey in to share, Crossed Canoes blocks that form several secondary designs of propellers and circles. 

Sue shared this really cute little quilt, in fact it was so cute we were all standing around, gooing and ga-ing over it so much, we made Susie go all cutsie.
Sadly, laughter and photography don't really go together all that well, the pic is a bit blurry, and its the best of the bunch!
Sue found the designs on Vicki's blog, Tozz's Corner,  as a freebie BOM.  Thanks Vicki, its a lovely design.
Went to thank Louise for her help and found her with this.....

a pretty in Louise's stitching world.
given to Louise as a gift many years ago but still in use.

Judy's Quilts, at last......

Finally, and with thanks to Betty for organising the event, we have a posting of a small selection of Judy's quilts for you to drool over, they are on the 'stand alone' page aptly named 'Judy's Quilts' just under our header.  
Do be warned though, this may be just a tinsie peek at some of Judy's quilts but the page is photo heavy, well worth the look.  Do hope you all enjoy seeing some of this amazingly talented quilters work.
The above collage shows us Judy's photo album, a pictorial record of her quilts, as well as pics of a few of her favourite quilts and Judy accepting an award for one of her quilts, pictured behind her.
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