Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ladybug Pincushions, bags and other wonderful work

A little while back the Thursday night gals had a workshop sewing ladybug pincushions.  Lots of fun and laughter and lots of lovely pincushions, all bought to you courtesy of Debby and Letitia.

Letitia started the evening off with instructions, the girls were soon hard at it with finished ladybugs soon completed, along with Denise making sure she had the instructions all written down.
June, pleased with her little bug, gave his tail a tickle.

Time for a coffee break and then on to the flower bases, well a bug has to have a flower doesn't she?

Thank you so much Di for making and donating this fabulous 'Toytime' Quilt to STEMM for their Christmas in July.  They made over $2,000.00.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

A few weeks back Maree bought this amazing wall hanging in to share with the group.
One of the families homes has a lot of old style fireplaces that are no longer used, thanks to the wonders of modern heating, and so a request was made for something to hang in front of a fireplace.  Maree came up with this beauty.

Janet and Ann took part in a workshop with Jenny at the Angel last week and created these handy dandy zippered bags, lots of uses as the sizing can easily be changed.
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