Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wonderful Memory/Art Quilt and Workshop shenannigans

Janet took a mystery workshop today, everyone was so busy trying to guess what the article was, hints and guesses being thrown around the room and not too much listening being done, Janet found lots of calming jelly beans were needed, well that's what she told us......
Christine thought she had made a right muck up, but no, she hadn't been listening, Sue went crook at her.. you can see, she was dreadfully upset........not....
Sorry about the awful piccie, the photographer arrived late and was trying to catch up......oh those suffolk puffs!
And what was the Mystery I hear you ask, these lovely little rolls were, perfectly designed to hold a reel of thread, your thimble and plenty of space for different sized needles.
We all managed to finish our holders in time for Show and Tell.  Cool, a new and pretty 'essential' started and finished in the one afternoon......and you can have your Suffolk Puff facing in or out, Sue put a little star in the center of her Puff, some beads would be and wouldn't it be cool to make a matching block roll from Linda's tutorial?  oooh I can see a project in the making here!  We will be putting up a tutorial for this thread roll in the near future.........will let you know when it happens.
 Betty has been playing with the Disappearing 9 Patch again this week, using 3 different 'feature' fabrics she has created yet again a different layout design.  Betty is going to turn this one into a tablecloth for her patio. 
Was heading for the arvo tea table when Barbara mentioned that she had finished her quilt, now she has been a bit shy about sharing, so I grabbed it while she wasn't looking, and with a bit of help from a friend, whisked it out the back to hang it. ......WOW!!!, I was blown away, I am so in awe of anyone who can create such a free flowing memory quilt........
There is a wealth of stories in this quilt, fabric from family members dresses, a blouse, a fave pair of slacks...Then there are the two blocks created from Lyn Ballinger past challenges, 'Pop Art' and 'Be In It'.  
I love the way the mauve frill emphasises the face but then becomes a 'bonnet' by the simple application of appliqued leaves and a little flip downwards.

The hands were an addition from one of the little folk in Barbara's family, I have to confess, was a bit  lot bad with this quilt, was so engrossed some of the story detail just didn't stick, would it have been a Grandie?, Grandaughter even?
The Cymbal player is to celebrate.......'Hooray, Strike up the Band, finally finished!' and Barbara has also included her 'Star of the Month' button that she earned for all the hard work she did, sorting and pricing the Goods for Sale in our recent Cottage Garage Sale.
The two bottom blocks (above) are blocks from a Diane Johnson workshop that we did sometime back, oh all right then, way way back!
And that's why arvo tea was half gone by the time it was snapped.............ah well......sorry 'bout that.

Gwen was then spied showing a group of nibbling ladies a couple of flimseys,
these lovely softly coloured stitcheries just cried out for fabrics from the same pallet,
Gwen had had a little scratch around in her stash and out fell a bag containing these scraps! Perfect!, Gwen was sure she couldn't have got a better match if she had gone shopping! however there was one tinsy little problem, not enough fabric to complete the borders!.....rats with a capital!, Gwen solved the problem by taking a row of pieced squares from the top and one side and Viola!, plenty of fabric.........well, enough anyway.
And what else did Gwen have to show?...........this beauty..........
Now Gwen has a new addition to her family, a brand new Great Grandson..........(saw the piccies and he is just the cutest!)...........sorry, off track there....... well, a friend was stitching this quilt top and Gwen just fell in love with it, perfect for the new Great Grandie, a deal was struck and Gwen will be finishing this off for her little cutie.
And so back to the arvo tea table, those little savouries were yummo, then stretched the allowance and had a square of caramel slice........not too shabby folks!
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