Saturday, September 20, 2014

A charity quilt of all time, an amazing Art Quilt ...

...and beautiful hand quilting, just some of the eye candy for you this week, oh, and, a sneak peek of something special.
Firstly, Sue W shared another of her Geisha Girl Wall Hangings, Sue loves to hand piece and quilt and is just one of our 'Mistresses of the tiny stitch'
Sue also had a H.S.T. charity quilt to share, Looking for a point of difference in the layout, Sue popped a floral square in the center of the quilt, she then had it professionally machine quilted with a floral design.

Barbara was rummaging around in a cupboard and spotted something that bought back some memories.  Created at the beginning of the century, (Gosh, I've always wanted to say that - sounds really awesome, and old, but mainly awesome) One of the blocks was from a 2006 Challenge, so yeah, the beginning of the century...sorta.
Barbara is fond of 3 dimensional quilting, and included some great 3-D blocks in her quilt. All hand pieced, hand cut and hand quilted, says so in the bottom left block! right next to the 'Pop Art' square.
Lots of memory fabrics from favourite clothing, along with their designer labels, pockets and plackets are included in the sashing, there is even some tinsy little cotton embroidered flowers and  part of the skirt they adorned.  Some of the blocks were done in a Dianne Johnston workshop and one even has a 'Star of the Month' button which Barbara was awarded for her work running our Groups Library.

Everything in this quilt has a story to tell, hope it gets to live out of the cupboard for a bit and share it's stories.

Val assembled another of the Q.A.Y.G strip pieced squares into this charity quilt.
To give the reverse of the quilt a spot of interest the backing squares have had an 'I Spy' square appliqued on to them.

Another charity quilt from Val, this one all her own work, an 'I Spy'  hexie quilt, all hand pieced and hand quilted.  Yes, I did say charity quilt!
Each hexie is backed with a solid which then wraps to the front form the binding.
Derrick, who was visiting with us, immediately chose the old Holden as his favourite block, someone else, a little bit fond of blue, went for the mermaid.

Val also had a flimsey to inspire the charity quilt makers, spotted in a magazine some years back and filed away in the memory banks as 'make that one day'.  Val thinks the original pattern used 2" squares but opted to create this quilt using 3" squares, again, a simple construction creating an effective design, by using the solid sashing there are very few points to be matched.

Bit of 'busy, busy' going on out the back, what are they all doing?
well under the guise of snaping a pic of gals sandwiching a quilt, guess what?
got a tinsy sneak peek of one of the raffle quilts for our upcoming Quilt Show....hope I don't get a smack!  Gotta tell ya, it is beyond beautiful and the work is....oh yeah, sorry, supposed to be all under wraps for a bit longer.

Stella and Wendy gave us a smashing arvo tea. That fruit cake? yummo.

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