Monday, March 14, 2016

Cutting Squares...

...what a marathon effort.
Got an e-mail from Lainey last week, you know, one of those "gee look at all the fun I'm having..."

Lainey, who is lucky enought to have a quilt studio of sizeable proportions very kindly stores some of our groups extras, such was the case with the huge stash donated to us in 2014 by Derrick.

Lainey was looking around her studio for somewhere/something to store the Najidah toiletries and spotted these.
 Yep, storage bins with some of the last of Derrick's darlings stash. 
Lainey promptly went to work and started cutting, by last wednesday she had filled these boxes and was still on the go.
She spent all of last weeks meeting pressing and cutting fabric,
then stacking the squares for storage.  Yep, this is one of the larger sized bins, with the other boxes added it will be filled to the brim with nicely cut squares, just crying out to be used.
 Maybe she should have had one of these toys to play 'cut ups' with.
Yep, this not so little bundle of techno opens up into the Accuquilt electric fabric die cutter.
Mind you, after watching a video demo, I reckon we would have had less squares and much more of this.

However, if your wrists ache, your fingers go numb of these suckers would be just the bees knees, mind you, they do have smaller models that you process the fabric by winding through with a handle, but what would the point of that be??, go big is my desire...ah yes, one of these darlings is definitely on my wish list!!

And if like me you don't didn't know too much about how these work, treat yourself to some internet time, and why the sudden interest I hear you ask, well that online font of info on all things quilting, scquilters (Souther Cross Quilters) has a thread running at the moment of gals who have or have wish listed various die cutters.

But, wish lists all to one side, thank you Lainey for  job well done, a marathon effort!
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