Thursday, July 25, 2019

Gotta love the mojo...we have it in abundance

Before we get on to the mojo of this group of talented gals, a bit of a giggle from Pat, she snapped a pic in the tea room at the quilt exhibition, turned around and had to snap another pic.
As Pat shared, Twins
Then Triplets
Thanks for the giggle Pat. Gotta love input from members.

We are having a wee tad of a drive to stockpile some Charity - or Community - quilts.
Wendy had a couple to share
4 quilts! truly! 4 from Wendy, if someone is keeping tally, well guess who would probably win.

Sheila showed her version of a Chinese Coin scrappy quilt. Where she had some donated pieces that were not quite wide enough, she sashed 'em. Cool idea.
Second row, midway down.

Sheila also showed a W.I.P. from Marcia, scrappy squares with a difference.
Our group has purchased wadding for the charity quilts and Lorraine I, (who lashed out and snaffled herself a long arm quilting machine, yeah, a Gammill, and.....and she has the room in her quilting shed to set up and use it) has offered to quilt all of the charity quilts! WIN! WIN!, we can churn those suckers out and Lorraine will practice to her hearts content.

Karen made the most of the recent Craft Cottage Winter School with a class by renowned Sunshine Coast 'artist with a needle' Jenny Clouston, the master class was to create a "whimsical embroidered textile collage using snippets of lace,linnens and doilies" - Karen nailed it with her piece.

While at the winter school, Karen shared her current love with Margaret, another class member. Margaret was entranced and joined us at the Cottage for an impromptu lesson from Karen in what I'm convinced Karen described as 'Chicka Chicka'
Just read those lips...chicka chicka...yeah!?
well whatever its name is Margaret is having a ball creating what promises to be a lovely piece.

So back to this Chika Chicka thing, a net search to check the spelling coughed up lots of links to Chika Chika boom boom - wasn't going there I'm telling you, as well as lots of Chika Chika bum bum - links to baby nappies apparently.
Did unearth this great youtube video on a Japanes boro loop bag, looks like what Karen was creating.
Reckon a workshop needs to be on the horizon - if only for the spelling.

Yvonne tore in for a fast visit, just had to share this fantastic work book, each circle was fussy cut, Yvonne also has two folded semi-circular 'booklets' inside the front flap of her work book, one for pins, the other needles, fab little something to take along on a trip just to create tiny little things while relaxing, watching the scenery pass by and perhaps even enjoying a little glass of wine.

Last eye candy for the day, Marie shared her fabric collage bunny with butterflies. a total delight to look over, discover the little secrets hiding in the collage.
Marie shared that her original creation was on a cream background, which she decided she wasn't in love with, she snipped bunny from the quilted background and appliqued him along with some extra butterflies onto the much more acceptable striped background, the result is a bunny in relief.
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