Friday, November 1, 2013

Thursday night

Are numbers were a little down last night..................

Leanne is still busy, busy, busy with her 1" scrappy quilt.

Yola spent her evening pinning her quilt made in a class with Fiona.

Oh my gosh, will Debs 1/2" ever come to an end?????

Tisha decided to have a tidy up of her threads - winding them onto cards. She looked pretty relaxed ......................

Now this is interesting - Tina was making bunting for a Medieval re-enactment.

Binding her Christmas table runner was on Marlene's agenda for the evening.

Jackie's GTASB quilt - pretty colours.

Elaine's magnificent work.........

I think she said this one was "pulled work"

Sue is now a Nana - twin girls - Harriet and Georgia - so she was trying her hand at crochet bootees.

Black, white and red quilt by Elaine.

Crazy quilting by Jenny

Just a reminder that we are making this little bag next week.

Till next week...................................

A very special Big 'O' birthday and Charity Quilts

Won't be mentioning which one, but Betty recently celebrated a very special birthday, Marie W bought along a lovely bouquet of roses grown by her Darling, real roses, scented roses. Heavenly
We even had cake, with a candle and all.   Congratulations Betty

Double bed quilt using two jelly rolls and appliqué. Marie W was asked by a friend to make the quilt so she could give it as a birthday present for her friend, mind you there was a ridiculously short period of time involved, like - less than a week! non quilters, what can you do?, sew like crazy and get it done is what.  Great effort Marie and a beautiful quilt.
Marie named it Windmill and Roos

Marie also had another commission to share with us, these two quilts and Marie's story

The orange quilt is called Caravans abound. The fabric was chosen by the lady who wanted it made as they are her logo colours. It is going on her stand at a caravan convention in Melbourne later in the month. And the other one is for the same person and will be given away in a lucky draw for one of her customers. This one is called Camping and caravans. 

For those involved in the conversation a few weeks back, Blue Banded Bees or more accurately Amegilla, yes they do exist! Pic on left was my first encounter with a blue banded bee, photo taken in 2009

Pic on right, taken in 2012, is one of the many lost photos, but the Darling has it as a screen saver on his phone, not a good angle to capture the iridescence of the blue stripes, but you get the idea.

Marcia really started something big with her string quilt, everyone seems to have made one or is making one, such a great way to use up all your scraps.  Val in her new role as Patchwork Group charity quilt co-ordinator has us all organised to make a few for Najidah, hopefully for Christmas.
We all pitched in over the last couple of weeks with workshops at the cottage,
Beryl made a lap quilt  to inspire us..

Strips were cut, organised into colour groups and stitched by many hands

Nothing finished yet but coming together nicely and I'm sure there will be quilts for Christmas.
And in her spare time, Val ran up another two charity quilts, along with these cuties, a mug bag, tissue holder and coin purse, oh and of course, a lovely worded label for the quilts. 

Judy bought us some lovely goodies to show and tell, this Rosella wall-hanging was done in a workshop with talented local Textile Artist, Bernadine Hine.
In fact, pop over here to see Judy and the other ladies at Bernadine's class with their beautiful birds and of course to see some of Bernadine's wonderful work, including a new quilt made for her daughter, stunning!.
Judy also bought along a table runner done at the Angel using some lovely fabrics

Some time ago a friend of Judy's traveled to Alaska and bought home little collections of fabric featuring Alaskan wildflowers.  Judy knew she wanted to make something special, but what?.  Inspired by a pic in a magazine Judy just couldn't wait to get home and create this lovely table mat. Works brilliantly!
Using a printed panel, Louise is working on a Christmas Wall-hanging for the Fair,  Can't wait to see the finished hanging.

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