Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Quilters and..........

the biggest quilt we've seen for awhile..........that was our lot yesterday, along with lots of excitement when Marguerite found this ........

a beautiful BOM in the mag 'Patchwork & Quilting' that she quite thought she would like to try, the interest and excitement mounted as others also thought they might like to give it a go..........perhaps it will turn into a group effort? ........time will tell.

The quilt is in lovely soft colours, softer than this pic and is a mixture of applique and pieced blocks, it is a Therese Hylton pattern of a couple of years ago named Flower Dell, perhaps someone out there has made this quilt? would love to hear from you if you have.

But enough of quilt dreams, on to the quilts that  made it to Show and Tell yesterday.

Firstly we had this lovely flimsey from Betty H.  Betty used a pattern from one of our new books by Kaffe Fasset, in Betty's words, a simple and easy pattern.  But such a pretty quilt
Wendy bought this wonderful quilt along, 'Girls Day Out', with all the places and things gals love to do when they get together for a day out.......notice how the patchwork shop with its window display of a quilt and a treadle sewing machine  is front and center........the fave place to visit.
Quite a number of Patchworkers are also Needleworkers, and ever so conviently Needlework meets in the a.m. making it a full day of busy and fun for some, Sadie had a framed piece for Needlework show and tell and asked if I could take a pic for her to send on to friends........well of course a bargain just had to be struck........piccie taken and I could put it here for you to enjoy..........
Beryl started this BOM with the Nowra quilters group and bought it along to show us, it is quite the largest quilt we have had for show and tell for awhile. Beryl ditch quilted this beauty herself!.
Beryl also had this rather cunning reversible, quilt as you go table runner, another group project from Nowra.
and of course...........the reverse
While all quilts get admired and closely examined, it's been awhile since a quilt has elicited such interest and excitement as this one from Sue, it is for her Grandson's imminent first Birthday and we all had a lot of fun finding the meaning behind, and discovering some of the hidden pics, little Grandie will love this quilt and spend many hours snuggling under and finding little secrets.
 assembled block by block in a QAYG style, Sue gave an impromptu QAYG lesson on just how she had created this quilt.
Sue created a lot of the 'I Spy' icons, trying to incorporate more that the usual 'I Spy' meanings and pics, Q is very innovative, -just love the little quilt,  T has 'tail', M has a Martian, and G has a cute little kitty wearing Glasses!
The lighthouse on an Island in I got a bit of conversation going, along with the Imp, E was a hit with the little teddies Eyes and Ears, but the all time fav was X with the little boy being X-Rayed, Sue had some skeleton fabric that you can see she used in the border to create the boy. All the letters were machine embroidered by Sue's sister.   Just a few stitches.........well a few hundred..... to finish the binding and this treasure will be zooming off to one lucky little Grandie.
Sue does have a couple of hints for us that she discovered while making this quilt though........... write the name of the store on the selvedge when you purchase fabric, this would take away the need for you  to traipse from one end of the coast to the other, begging store owners to think.........did you stock this?........did I buy it here?.......have you got just a tinsy bit more? and the other hint is, for heavens sake, if you have fabric put away for a project......leave it there!!, don't get all carried away thinking you have plenty and won't miss just that little bit..........or you will end up wishing you wrote the store name in the selvedge!
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