Thursday, March 28, 2019

Cooler weather has arrived...

...perfect for getting all wrapped up in a quilting project.
Sheila has once again shared her pics and words from the group meeting for our enjoyment. Thanks Sheila.

Marion shared two projects with us, the first is a definite U.F.O. Yep, a finish.
Started in a machine embroidery workshop about 8 years ago with Pamela, a tutor at Kimz Sewing and Patchwork. Gotta love a F.F.O.
Marion also had her first effort of paper piecing to share. Some reverse sewing was done to get this cutie to the finish line.

Karen Daniel shared her stunning 2018 Q.A.Y.G. block of the month she followed on facebook.
Karen very kindly sent us a tad more info on her lovely quilt, Thanks Karen
"it is an Esther Ali pattern. A BOM, available for anyone to join. There were over 3,500 members world wide. I believe 3 cottage members did it including me. I started it in January 2018. A first for me on 3 fronts, My first BOM, my first attempt at appliqué and I used the QAYG method. I made a few small changes but generally stuck to the original pattern. I learnt a lot of what NOT to do next time.

Esther Aliu does a free B.O.M. each year, if you miss the free BOM but still want to make the quilt I believe you can purchase the pattern on her site.
Her 2019 free B.O.M. is 'Hold Onto Your Heart'
and a great pic of the pieced backing.

Sheila would also like you to know that Raffle tickets are now available from group members.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Luscious Lovlies for your enjoyment

Once again, courtesy of Sheila and her Ipad

A couple of weeks back, Marcia shared a rather cute pattern with us "Cake and Custard", it has proven to be really popular and an internet search will bring up not only a PDF of instructions but several video tutorials as well.
Wendy shared her version with the group using scraps from her basket.

Stella shared her wedding ring quilt that she is gifting as a wedding present.

Stella also shared a table runner that she will be having Karen quilt for her. The end patterns came from one of our library books.

Sandy shared this delightful kiddies quilt.

Thank you for the pics and words Sheila.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Double the Delight

Two weeks of pics, good Karma and some amazing generosity for your enjoyment.

First story is all about great Karma. Sheila has been planning and designing a quilt for one of her basketball playing Grandsons, who when asked what he would like featured on his quilt said, 'Oh any design', but he really wanted something of his fave team and player, mind you, his fave player and team is Curry of the Golden State Warriors, A U.S.A team....hmmm - some real thought time was needed, up until Sheila toddled off for her weekly shift in her church Op Shop. You're not gonna believe it, but its true, there was a Jersey with Curry 30 one side and the Golden State Warriors logo on the other! I kid you not!
The Rockets Logo is the Rockhampton Rockets that Dad (Sheila's Son)coached.
Love a good Karma story!

Its Time
The Big Unveiling of our second Raffle Quilt 'Skittles' a really beautiful modern design created for us by Marie.
The custom quilting on 'Skittles' was done by Fiona, the Quilting Fairy on her long arm quilter, lots of different quilting designs on this stunning quilt.
Cheryl, who is not only a quilter, but a machine embroidery enthusiast has created 2 terrific labels for our quilts.
'Shadows in Lime'
and 'Skittles'
Kudos to all involved in creating our 2019 Quilt Exhibition raffle quilts, jobs well done!

Now, onto the other show and tell goodies.

Marlene has created a true re-cycled quilt for our quilt show, the only new fabric is the lovely striped binding,
All other fabrics are from Jeans (via Sheila and the church Op Shop) Slacks from Marlene's old but too good to chuck collection and ties, again from the Op Shop as well as the last piece of tartan from Marlene's Dads Tartan tie - a real family heirloom.
In the spirit of re-cycled quilts or swags Marlene opted to 'Tie' her quilt with a rather inovative design that forms cute furry looking caterpillars on the back, all marching along in line. No, sorry, missed the pic but believe me, cute, cute, cute.

Wendy shared this quilt with us last week,
Another version of the 9 Patch Bento box tutorial Wendy presented to the group early last year.

Heather is wardrobe creating for her little miss Grandie, shorts galore, of course telling the back from the front is a challenge for a little one so Heather put sweet little pockets on the back, just big enough to squirrel away a smartie or two.

Sue W is busily stitching a panel, the 'Owl and the Pussycat'
Looking forward to seeing this one finished.

Lyn meanwhile is stitching stylised African animals for her family who have toured Africa. Great memento for the family, I think Lyn mentioned she will be creating cushions, so special.

Following the theme of 'Re-cycled' some of the gals are donating their notions from visiting other quilt shows, what a great idea!
These two I think were donated by Sue or Jackie, I think...lots of chitter chatter going on when I snapped these - well thats my excuse.

Some really special sharing and generosity.

The request came our way to help out with a small quilt donation to be auctioned to raise funds to enable the biker group BMad, or Bikers Making a Difference in the important work they do in assisting and supporting those in need and the homeless of Brisbane.
The group will be holding their annual 'Blanket Run' where group members, their family and friends are invited to meet at Joe's Diner in Eagle Farm, bringing along a new or clean used blanket or new sox to donate to the homeless. These items are collected at Joe's and distributed as needed. The group then rides (or cars) off to Dayboro for a day of fun and frivolity.
If you choose to join the group and donate you will enjoy a lovely day.
The Dayboro Lions Club and Dayboro Mens Shed will have a sausage sizzle and drinks available, and I have even heard tell that the local bobby wants an in on the action, and will meet the group for a lighthearted wave and a bit of a flash from the old blue light as you travel through the main street of town.
The big event of the day will be the auction, where donations of all types will be sold to raise funds to purchase other items for the homeless and those in need, such as backpacks with necessities, toiletries, thongs, etc.

Now this is where it gets special, Sheila, with Sues blessing and on behalf of our group donated Sues beautiful flimsey to be quilted and donated to BMad.
When our group heard of the work being done by BMaD Lorraine I. immediately offered her lovely show and tell quilt from last week as a second donation.
Wendy quickly followed on with the donation her show and tell of the day. Another lovely freebie from the Missouri Quilt folk via youtube.

After a little thought, Lorraine I. remembered this bag, 3 internal pockets on each side along with 3 external pockets on each side. Ran it up in an afternoon! yep! true.

Quilters truly are some of the nicest and most generous folks on the planet.
Thank you all very very much from the folk at BMad.

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