Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 Quilt Show - Part 15

'Buderim Blooms'
Created by Estelle
Made from a pattern called Candy Girl by Janelle Wind. I adapted the pattern and have made 2 smaller quilts that I have made from the same design that I have given to children of some friends. It lives on the guest bed at my house.

A Beautiful Jacket, perfect for a night on the town, but sadly I don't know who created this stunner, so keep your eyes peeled - you just don't know who you may see wearing this at some exotic location.

Heath's Quilt
Created by Pat

This single bed quilt was made for my third son Heath in 1985. Various scraps were used to produce the kaleidoscope pattern which was hand pieced then hand quilted. Calico was used throughout the quilt and for the backing.Hand made by me.

 'Love Bird Lane'
Created by Judith
 I made Love Bird Lane in 2010 as a sample for the Patchwork Angel. It is a Quilt Company Pattern. I loved the colours in this quilt & the fact that the quilt incorporated patchwork, appliqué & embroidery, all the things I love to do. The quilt was professionally quilted by Quilting Fairy.

'Roos Abound'
Created by Marie
This quilt is a kit that I purchased at Kimz Sewing Center.  It was a great way to use a Jelly Roll

I quilted it on my domestic sewing machine.

'Circular Thoughts'
Created by Pat

Started as a tutorial with Lessa Siegele called “Pieces of Pie”and with the help and encouragement of friends
at The Craft Cottage I rearranged circles and half circles to produce this very large

wall quilt. Some interesting circular patterned cloth for the circles to sit on and

some circular quilting patterns sewn on my domestic sewing machine and Circular Thoughts was created

 'Tiffany Diamonds'
Created by Fiona

This is a traditional pattern, which is the kind of quilts I like to make. Tiffany Diamonds is part of a class I teach based on the 60 degree Triangle. Tiffany Diamonds is machine pieced and machine quilted by me, Fiona, Quilting Fairy

This is the final post of all the fabulous quilts presented by the Buderim Patchwork Group, I hope you have enjoyed following along and will continue to enjoy and be inspired by all of these lovlies.

It's time to call it a day, too many miss strikes on the keys, tomorrow I will let you know who all the winners were.......of course if you were at the Show on Sunday you already know....  
                                                  ; )

2013 Quilt Show - Part 14

'Geisha Girls Dressed'
Created by Val

 Photo Courtesy of Lorraine

Project took a few months to complete and some years to collect fabric and to

decide the best method. The first geisha was done by machine but found that it was

easier to needleturn by hand.

Autumn Harvest 
Created by Janice

 Photo Courtesy of Lorraine 

I like this easy design and especially like the leaf and bee fabric.
Machine pieced, quilted by Judy at Furball farm.

'Love and Cuddles'
Created by Julie

 Photo Courtesy of Lorraine

Calico farm Designs. Hand embroidered, machine pieced. Made in the nevereending hope of girls in my family.
Now up for sale.

'Blue and Green Should be Seen'
Created by Sue A.

 Photo Courtesy of Lorraine

This is my version of quilt as you go; machine quilted, the blocks were stitched

together by hand

Created by Marguerite

My stash just has to be diminishing - I am trying! The colours in this quilt are

indicative of our beautiful citrus fruits and a certain young girl tells me they are her
favourite colours, so it has found a home. Quilted for me by Carmel Brown

'Stars Across the World'
Created by Helen

My 'Star Journey' began as a small paper pieced series of stars for a cot quilt -
simple and light to carry on our first visit to Japan 5 years ago
The quilt taught me that persistence pays and to concentrate on one small job at a time, rather than try to complete a whole project as quickly as possible.

'Learning Blox'
Created by Denise

Blox First attempt at patchwork and quilting executed at Townsville in 1999 using quilt

as you go method. Our two boys are portrayed in the pursuits of their youth which
are still with them to this day, namely fishing for fish and looking for flowers

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