Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quilt Show Countdow

It's full steam ahead now, most of the action at our Wednesday meeting is Quilt Show related.
Two of our group members have been at work putting a really cool display of members work into the window of the Old Buderim Post Office. The P.O. is now used by the Buderim War Memorial Community Association as an information center. And how do I know the display is really cool, well this young gent, mirrored in the glass told me so.....A closer view of some of the really cool not to mention beautifully done works displayed.

Meanwhile back at the Cottage, Fran and Marguerite were busy with Sheila putting our display into the glass cabinet. This cabinet resides in the Atrium, right by the entry door and each group gets 'display time'. Our time co-insides with our Quilt Show this year.

The afternoon sun was shining through onto the glass, so Fran and Patricia loaned their bodies to give a little shade, great work girls! Thanks.

A few closer views of the goodies. Of course we can't stuff a full sized quilt into the cabinet, but Marguerite came up with the brilliant idea of using some of her hexagons that one day will be a quilt.
Just love the tea cosy made with all those prairie points.
The local newspaper's photographer was rather taken by Fran and her Crazy Patch Chatelaine, (lower left below) of course Fran gave him one of her special biscuits, as she does, so we are all waiting with baited breath to see if Fran makes it onto the front page..........we will have to give her the title of Official Media Tart if that happens!

Betty's beautiful framed letters, made for her daughters.

Chantelle this week was courtesy of Denise, who wrestled another U.F.O. to the boards and converted it to a T.G.I.F. (Thank God Its Finished). It had been patiently waiting for its binding to be stitched down.
This particular quilt was started by Denise at a Medallion workshop in Rockhampton.
The medallion was then added to bit by bit, row by row, with a lot of thought and design by Denise. As she originally used fabrics she found at the local Spotlight Outlet she continued in that vein.
We have all heard the stories about sub quality quilting fabrics from Spotlight, well, this lovely quilt rather proves the opposite.
Denise had the quilt professionally quilted by Glenda Aitken in Rockhampton.
Another of Denise's 'crafted for the quilt' labels.

Now as you all know, quilters are an innovative lot, add to that mix, a needleworker, and then pour in a smidge of machine embroider and what do you end up with????
well, you end up with a lass who can overcome obstacles, like "My screw came loose! WHERE THE HECK DID IT GO...................ohhh well, I guess i can fix that' and so she did, and this is how.

And lastly, a pic of the Sunrise taken on Thursday Morning. The eldest Grandie had a sleepover and woke at 4.30 to go watch the sunrise.......again..........
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