For Sale Quilts

A number of quilts were displayed as 'For Sale'. Some sold, some did not. If any of the quilts featured in the 2019 Exhibition photos tugs at your heartstrings, contact our group at the fatquarter news e-mail address at the top of the blog and we will get back to you, you can also contact us through the Buderim Craft Cottage, contact details are on the site or you can leave a message in the blog comments.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thursday Evening Group

Our patchwork group has two meetings per week, the original meeting on Wednesday afternoons and the newer meeting time of Thursday evening, (two bites of the patchwork cherry!) which enables those who cannot make a weekday afternoon meeting the opportunity to join in.
Today Debbie and Lorraine loaned two packages of photos, many, many photos, just a few here to show you some of the wonderful work done throughout the year and the fun that the Thursday girls had at their Christmas Party.
June the evening organiser, worked hard to make this evening the great success that it was.

June making like a christmas tree

Patchwork Group leader Sheila, Assistant Treasurer Patricia and Guests

Yummies on the walls and yummies on the table, even a little glass of bubbly.
A Christmas Fairy, making sure the drinkies are all in order.
Ladies in the spirit, all set for a good time.
Some of the results of a project done by the evening group.
Lovely happy smiles and a beautiful embroidered top.

Instead of the usual 'secret santa' chrissy gift, all invitees were asked to bring a can of dog food along to the party, and this is the reason why....................
June with the 'doggie gifts', donated to the local animal shelter at Sippy Downs.

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