Monday, May 16, 2016

In the News...

...well, sorta.
At the last meeting of the B.W.M.C.A. our Cottage rep Sheila was quite tickled to see a reference, with pic, in the report from our local M.P. Steve Dickson to our recent charity quilt push for the drought affected farming families of western Queensland.
We manage to get 16 lovely quilts assembled at short notice to go with the collected toiletries on the next Burrumbuttock Hay Run.
Wendy did a terrific job of machine embroidering the labels as well as stitching them onto a few  of the last minute quilts she was delivering to organiser Pat Morris.
All ready to be packed up and delivered.

Jackie was spotted on L.Q.S.  Kimz facebook last week,making a tuffet.  Yeah, a tuffet, (boy that took me back a few years- you know, little Miss Muffet, sat on... etc) moving on, back to Kimz, Tuffet, etc.
Pics from Kimz facebook, fabric selections, Jackie slaving over a hot machine and getting some help from Terri with the finishing touches.
Kim presents an amazing range of tutors and classes in her store, including 'Tuffet making with Terri'  and I did notice in answer to a readers question that Terri will be doing another class, however, scrolling down Kimz facebook page to re-find the info just got me distracted, so much going on, so many goodies, so many laughs, even some eye opening info, like those little drop down cavities on the front of your machine, not as some thought for storing dust and gizmo's, no, not at all...
Obvious really when you think about it.  Thanks for the 'heads up' Kim.

Jackie shared a pic of her finished Tuffet, legs and all.  Really cute! who wouldn't just love one of these in your sewing corner!

The gals up on the 'quiet and Crazy' table, are all busy as beavers, Michelle is stitching a crazy elephant, he will be framed and hung,

Stella was being facetious about the enormous amount of work done so far on her 'amazingly huge' embroidery piece, there are more stitcheries, and lots of hexies are making an appearance.
 Karen J had a finished quilt to share,
made reversable with the clever use of a crazy patchwork printed backing.

Karen D. was putting the binding on a U.F.O.  - a 35 year old U.F.O!  It's also her very first quilt, a sampler, (aren't most samplers our first?).  
After the birth of her first child, Karen's Sis came to visit, and bought along her current quilting project, Karen was fascinated.  On returning home, Sis, shopped for fabric, patterns, all the needed equipment and parcelled it all off to Karen who hasn't stopped quilting since.  Mind you, it was a bit of a challenge in the early days, Karen was at that time living outback, not too many stores around, certainly no fabric stores within cooee. 

Marlene is also working on a U.F.O. one of the terrific Millamac Australiana patterns, these patterns are getting hard to find, there is a lovely blog post by boot camp quilter, showing some of the patterns, with a link to Quiltessentials in Eatons Hill.
Marlene's version is using raw edge applique with a finishing paint outlining the applique.  'Rudolph' the red nosed kangaroo looks very smart with his gold and glitter outline.

Denise was choosing a binding for this Charity quilt, created with triangles found in the donated boxes of fabric from Derricks darling.  First time stitchine triangles, a challenge conquered.

Talking of challenges, Sue W had a few more secret squirrel entries to our Lyn Ballinger challenge handed in last week.
Nah.  No need to panic, we have heaps of time to the cut off date! just about 2 weeks still to go...GULP!!
 If you are one of those folks who don't operate best under pressure, feel free, PANIC!

Perhaps one could make use of Sue's dyeing workshop, paint up a carnival storm.  B.T.W. we will be gathering at 11.30 for a 12.00 start for this workshop.

 Which one? Both!!
News from Pat, enjoying her holiday immensly, going from quilting shop to quilting shop, unable (unwilling?) to choose, can't wait too see what Pat comes home with!

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