Monday, November 29, 2010

Patchwork at the Fair 2010

Popped up to the Christmas Fair with the Grandies, just for half and hour and a quick look.  Well that wasn't how it worked out, we spent lotsa time and even a few dollars.  The first thing the youngest clapped eyes on that his little heart desired was Pam's 'All around the Swamp' Dinosaur finger puppets, he just had to soon as we made it home he couldn't wait to get them out of the bag for a play and is happy to tell all that the Pteranodon 'took 3 hours to make',he's very impressed with that bit of info.
For safe-keeping they now reside in their very own chocolates choccies of course, wrapped myself around those quite a while back.
We did a little shopping while we were at the Cottage, both boys bought a set each of 'Australiana' Place Mats for Mum, some lovely chutney for Dad as well as a pottery sculpture of a rich red Chilli for a splash of colour on Dad's computer desk.  They also managed to grab themselves a treatie or two from Fran and Jane at the Novelties Table.

Lots of time was spent admiring all the Patchwork creations, with the youngest getting quite carried away taking loads of quilty pics.
Christmas Stockings of all sizes and colours...
 Advent Calendars and Christmas Wall Hangings
 Another Christmas Wall Hanging, Table Runners, Decorations ....
 More quilts, tea towels, 3-D quilted Wall Hanging and a lovely quilted jacket
 Quilts for the younger set
and those a little more mature...
 Cushions, baby toys and bibs, sewing tidy and more lovely table runners
 Table piled with cushions of all styles and colours
 Quilts in black, white and red
 Quilts in the 'Brights section with some really cute 'Sunbonnet' Cushions
 The perfect Christmas tree, just the right size and lovely bright fabrics

And this was the boys favourite Corner, where they found the place mats for their Mum, along with a couple of table runners,they were very intrigued with the Cat Wall Hangings but so excited and pleased with themselves to work out how the spiral quilt was made.
Another successful Christmas Fair with beautiful, clever and innovative patchwork.
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