Thursday, January 20, 2011

Donations to Queensland Flood Victims

Wondering about the best way to go about supporting our quilting sisters who have been affected by these dreadful floods? read on....Queensland Quilters Inc. have the answer!!.
As we all know, so many Queensland quilters, quilt shops and quilting groups have been affected, some only mildly but so many have lost everything, and as you can imagine, it's not an easy task to co-ordinate the donations and then the distribution of the donated goods.

Kim Boland, President of Queensland Quilters Inc sent an e-mail to a quilt shop, it was then forwarded to a Scquilter who posted the e-mail on the Squilters site.   It's a bit hard to try and condense such an e-mail, so here it is, copied in its entirety for your information.
Oh, and the flowers? just a little something to cheer us all up, they were a pressy many many moons ago, see, flowers can be forever.......well for as long as the hard drive hold up anyway.

E-mail from Kim Boland

January, 2011.

Hello everyone,

The recent floods in Queensland have caused terrible loss and grief for a
lot of people.  The size of this devastation is unimaginable.  Queensland
Quilters Inc. is organizing the collection and distribution of comfort
quilts for flood victims.

We would appreciate the donation of quilts.  The preferred sizes range from

1m x 1.50m (40”x60”) to 1.2m x 1.80m (48”x72”) but anything you are able to
give is appreciated.

We are also asking for donations of the following:

# Quilt tops not yet quilted

# Cotton quilting fabrics for tops and backs

# Cotton wadding to make and finish quilts

# Quilting books and magazines in good condition

We have many Affiliated Groups, members and sponsoring businesses in
affected areas.  As they live and work in these areas, we are using this
network to assess the need for these donations.

If your group would like to prepare sewing related care packs we will accept
these also.

We are also offering some financial assistance to our Affiliated Groups
making quilts and we anticipate that they will use these funds to purchase
requirements within their local communities.  We currently have 70 groups
across the state.  One group we have heard from had their premises flooded
and has lost their library, among other things.

If you would like to contribute financially this would also greatly assist

Please send all donations and contributions to:

Queensland Quilters Inc, GPO Box 2841, Brisbane 4001.


Kim Boland


Hope this makes it easier for anyone who is able and would like to help the flood victims.
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