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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sue's Trunk Show

Sue considers herself as a novice quilter but we all know that's not true. She is very clever & makes a lot of her own patterns as well. 
Sue has given away most of her quilts. The quilts she showed at her Trunk Show were actually borrowed back from family & friends so she could show us some of her creations.  

This is the first quilt Sue made when she came to Australia to live from New Zealand. It's a cute Red & Green Bear quilt.
 Sue loves to do Cross stitch and bought some lovely framed stitcheries to show us,  hangings she calls 'her girls'.  Beautiful work Sue.

Sue made this doll some years ago her name is "POUTY" she definitely is pouting!! but very cute.  Two more dolls, both cute angels.

Sue showed us the fabric & pattern for this lovely wall hanging for her sewing room & the next week she had completely finished it, with all the cute little bags on it to put all her bits & bobs in. Very nice love the fabrics.

Sue has made a few stack & slash quilts, this blue, red & black is her sons and the pink and green S & S with lace is for one of her daughters.

This turquoise and red Irish Chain featuring stitcheries is a lap quilt for their lounge.

A pretty cot size quilt and a happy 'ELMO' quilt.

A fabulous African quilt Sue made for her girlfriends 50th birthday.

Sue has made 2 of these 'quilt as you go' quilts. Gorgeous fabrics - nice cross hatching quilting Sue.

 Sue is always making & designing bags, bags & more bags.
This is a cute button bag full of buttons, other bags including a sewing bag with pockets.

A cute baby change mat which folds out from an envelope with a handy carry handle.
Sue is such a very clever & neat sewer.

 Nappy bag to put powder, creams etc. into.

Red toiletry bag - grown from the 'box bag' with lots of other matching bags, tissue bag, lipstick holders. You name it Sue has it.

Sue designed this make-up bag which  opens right out with lots of little water proof compartments inside. Very handy seeing every thing inside.

Gorgeous baby hexagon purse bag, a Bridget Giblin pattern.

Sue is now addicted to Crazy Patchwork, she is a student of Jenny and a very prolific producer of Crazy Patchwork mainly cute boxes and, you guessed it!, more bags.  All different colours and all as gorgeous as the next. You're amazing Sue!

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