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2018 Quilt Exhibition - Post 6

Oh my giddy aunt, and blog poster if truth is to be told. This will be the last pics of amazing eye candy for you all and I cannot tell you just how proud I am to be associated with this talented and prolific group of quilters.

There is a fantastic lady who not only turns out amazingly intricate quilts, but shares the pattern as a freebie for 12 months. Quilters from all over the world join Esther Aliu for her free B.O.M. on Facebook each year.
3 of our group joined Esther for her 2018 B.O.M. quilt 'Queens Garden'

Queens Garden
Marie Weber
"This quilt was a block of the month.
The design was by Esther Aliu
It was a joy to do, but I ran out of the fabric that I used in the first few blocks.
The fabric I used in the next blocks worked in well.
Quilted by me."

The Queens Garden
Karen Daniel
"Titled, 'The Queens Garden', This was an online, Block of the Month (BOM), that I was encouraged to join by an old friend. A block a month was downloaded and sewn. This was my first attempt at a BOM, it was also my first Applique qult, and my first Quilt as You Go (QAYG) attempt. I have made a few small changes to the original BOM. It was an international BOM that was run in 2018 with over 3500 members world wide. I am just one of many that has attempted to do it justice.
Pattern by Esther Aliu
Quilted by me."

Queen's Garden
Wendy Tame
"This was a Block of the Month on Facebook. It was great seeing everyone's fabric choices.
The pattern is by Esther Aliu.
I quilted this myself."

So while we are on the subject of the same but different, the following are the finished quilts from the Mystery Quilt ran by Wendy for our group. The pattern is a '9 patch Bento Box' pattern.

Purple Delight For Sale $170
Wendy Tame
This was our mystery quilt for 2018. I set the blocks on pint.
I quilted this myself."

Mystery Quilt
Marion Dempsey
"This quilt is a mystery quilt that our group did. Wendy made up instructions that we received every couple of weeks
Quilted by me."

Pretty as a Picture For Sale $80
Sandy King
"This quilt is my version of the Patchwork Group's 2018 Mystery Quilt project. I was unsure if I would like the final design so used fabric from my not inconsiderable stash for the entire quilt. It turned out to be a very pretty qult and I tried a new idea of straight line quilting with the machine to make it look a bit different from the others."

Mystery Quilt
Beryl Darby
"This quilt was a "mystery" quilt we did as a group. We received the instructions every couple of weeks.
Quilted by me."

Mystery Quilt For Sale $130
Karen Daniel
"My mystery quilt. I started making this quilt week by week. It was a Cottage Patchwork project, I just didn't get mine finished to display in the 2017 quilt show. My first mtystery quilt and I used a Jelly Roll, I think I'm hooked. Initiated by the very talented patchwork member, Wendy Tame.
Quilted by Judy Davidson - Furball Farm Quilting."

My Stars
Marion Dempsy
"This table runner was my first attempt at paper piecing.
Quilted by me."

Tilted Trapeziods For Sale $180
Sue Andrew
"Planning on making a 'quilt as you go' quilt with a skewed block look, I decided the size of the quilt then used grid paper to sketch out a scaled plan of each block. The tricky part was getting the blocks to look wonky.
Machine quilted by me."

Di Stark
"I started making this quilt on a craft cruise to New Zealand two years ago. The material came from America as I could not, at the time, find bright enough fabrics in Australia. Now there are lots of bright colours available in Oz. The design is by Sue Daley and is titled Azure Rose. Sue had made it in blues and I have nothing blue in my house. It challenged my sewing skills - mainly paper piecing. We had a lot of fun on the ship with Sue who is the paper piecing queen! It has been profesionally quilted except for the centre. I hand quilted that as I wanted to emphasise the middle motif.
Pattern by Sue Daley
Outer quilted by Carmen's Quilting."

Before the Lights Went Out For Sale $340
Pat Reid
"From a tutorial by 'How to make your own checked fabric'.
An improvised quilt using various plain colured fabric. One and a quarter inch strips of two differnt coloured fabrics are sewn together. These strips are then cut into more strips that contain the small square. More one and quarter inch strips are then sewn to the 'Square strips" to form a block containing lots of squares. The block is trimmed before sewing it to the nex completed block.
The name of the quilt reflects cities with all the lighs on during the evening.
I decided to just straight line quilt using matching coloured thread on my domestic machine.
Approximately 440 hours to complete."

Striking For Sale $45
Ankie Boessenkool
"The use of colour was chosed from the main fabric which is an unusual fabric - but striking."

Sally Park
Fiona Bell
"English paper pieced using the 'coffin' shape and production fabrics from the 19th century.
Hand pieced and the total number of pieces is 4820
Quilted by me - Fiona the quilting Fairy

Diamond Tile Table Runner
Lorraine Irvine
"I am a big fan of Bonnie Hunter. She writes a column in Quiltmake magazine where she domonstates a different block each issue. This one called 'Diamond Tile' appealed to me. I decided to make it up and liked it so much I made a table runner and matching place mats for the back patio.
I quilted this myself."

Marlene Hogan
'Enjoyable workshop in house'
Quilted by Fiona - The Quilting Fairy

Ballantine's Path
Lyn Davis
"This quilt caught my attention as it beckoned me whilst displaying itself on the front cover of the March 2000 edition of the 'Australian Patchwork & Quilting' magazine. My decision to make it was reckless!!
I'd had a foot operation, so with some time on my hands I convinced myself that I needed another project!
I was drawn to the combination of needle turn and the variety of patchwork piecing. To my surprise, as I made progress, I realised that my magazine only contained Part 1 of the project. A girl in my quilting group in Geelong took it upon herself to put out a 'mayday' on my behalf to all of her sewing buddies on Facebook. I had Part 2 within a week.
The original pattern was in yellow and purple, but I've always loved greens so chose my fabrics accordingly. All the fabrics are cotton. I can thank this exhibition and the ladies for giving me the needed drive to complet it !!
Quilted by Fiona Bell - The Quilting Fairy."

Lastly we have 'Floral Garden' one of our 2007 raffle quilts which was won by Jackie Swan, who is now a patchwork group member and our librarian.
Of the many patchwork group members who created this lovely, 6 are still current members.
Sheila, our group leader, Lyn Solomon, Sue Webb, Lorraine Irvine, Sue Andrew and Marlene Hogan.

2019 Quilt Show and Exhibition -- post 5 and Raffle Winners

We have winners, 3 of them in fact for not only did we have the two fantastic quilts in our raffle but also a terrific basket of sewing goodies, containing lots of sewing nic nacs donated by members as well as one of the snazzy sewing lanyards created and donated by Kim of Kimz Sewing and Patchwork. Thank you Kim
Ist Prize Winner is Marion Dempsey
2nd Prize Winner is Christine, a fellow member of the Masters Swimming group with Sheila.
Christine just loved her quilt.
Third Prize of the sewing goodies was Jan of the Cottage group MMM.
Enjoy your prizes gals.

Now some more eye candy from our Exhibition.

Green and Gold For Sale $150
Jan Brewer
"I always enjoy a challenge and this one was made with a challenge from Penny."

My House
Lyn Solomon
"This was a Block of the Month pattern from our library that appealed to me.
Pattern by Leanne Beasley.
Hand and machine quilted by me."

Layer Cake Custard
Marcia Elliot
"I found the pattern for this quilt on the Fat Quarter Shop youTube site and thought it woud be ideal for my great grandsons 3rd birthday.
Showing off large novelty squares and backing it with dinosaur fabric, it was a great hit.
Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop
Quilted by Carmen's Quilting."

Good Fortune Mystery
Lorraine Irvine
"I love mystery quilts and will quite often print off the instructions and then decide not to make it after all. This time I decided that I would actually work this one as a mystery - follow the instructions every week, post a photo on the blog of the designer and wait patiently for the next clue. This was done over the early Christmas period last year and I didn't buy a single piece of fabric for it - all out of the cupboard.
The pattern is by Bonnie K Hunter.
I quilted this myself."

Hexie and Clamshell Cushions
Karen Wikman
"I went through my stash looking for blue fabrics and then had fun putting these two cushions together."

Pinwheel Crib Quilt For Sale $110
Jan Brewer
"I made this little crib quilt for a grandchild, turned out to be a boy, so he got a blue one instead!
Pattern by Moda Bake Shop.
Quilted by me."

Thinking of Hawaii For Sale $45
Ankie Boessenkool
"This fabric was gifted to me so I decided to fussy cut the hibiscus. Can feel the sand between my toes."

Paint and Lace
Karen Wikman
"A Patchwork friend gave me some off cuts of a Painters's Drop Sheet. I loved the texture.
Another Patchwork friend gave me some laces that she no longer wanted, so I put them together in support of our 'Reclaimed Theme'."

Blue Dreaming
Marie Varley
"This quilt is one of two quilts I made for two teenage girls who wanted the same design but made in different colours. The design is from a book of quilt designs called 'The Gentle Art of Quilt Making' by Jane Brocket. The quilt is machine pieced
Quilted by Fiona - The Quilting Fairy

Sunshine and Hope
Marie Varley
It was difficult to get a decent pic of this quilt so am delighted that there are two of the same design. I'ts story is the same as above - A

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