Thursday, December 11, 2014

Farewell 2014 Patchwork year

Yep, the last meeting for the year, but lots of 'homework' for us to all to carry on with over the hols, (can't be having withdrawals now can we?)
Our biennial quilt show is just a few months away now, and we all know how time just whishes by, it will be July before you can turn around.
The Lyn Ballinger challenge has been issued for us to work on over the break, lots of fun there and a few er... well... challenges, along with lots of play with the colour wheel.
Rather like this variation of the wheel Sue found in one of our library books, shows the relationship between colour families

although, some gals were very taken with this variation of the wheel from Online Design Teacher.
Lots of info on colour theory and schemes on the Online Design Teacher site.

We also have the Winter School to look forward to just before the quilt show, lots of excitement I can tell you, terrific tutors all lined up but Patchwork gals are extra excited to have well known Melbourne tutor and quilt artist Neroli Henderson coming to us for 4 days, yes, believe it, 4 days with 3 different classes, Art Basics, Aurora and the Churning.  So start popping those gold coins into a jam jar and come join us for what promises to be an amazing learning journey, for all the info check out the Winter School page on the Buderim Craft Cottage site

If you are unfamiliar with Neroli's work, wander through these sites - best grab a drink first though, so much to see and drool over.

Eiloren, lots of info and also the workshops lists, including the three Neroli will be presenting to us.

Eiloren facebook link, great pics of Neroli's work and works in progress, as well as links to exhibitions showing Neroli's work such as the Living Colour exhibition, currently on show at the Grenfell Art Gallery

Jackie bought along 3 quilts to share with us, a W.I.P. baby quilt, destined for STEMM, the charity of choice for the Thursday night gals
Jackie had planned on burying the threads in preparation to adding the binding, but, as our librarian she was kept busy logging out piles of books for our holiday reading.

This cutie is for a very spoilt little pup, 
she sleeps on the bed with her 'Mum', so Jackie has fond hopes of the little furball curling up on her very own quilt and not on Mums new quilt.
Jackie mentioned to her niece that she would make her a new quilt for her new bed last Australia Day, so a bit of a rush to get it delivered before a year has passed and Australia Day rolls around once more.
Quilting was done by Judy from Furball Farm Quilting,
pop over to Judy's site, she has a hot tip on removing Frixion pen lines.

Marie who is a bit of a William Morris fan, got a lovely surprise gift from Karen, this William Morris printed bag,
The smile says it all, thrilled, thrilled, thrilled.  So can you imagine the consternation when the ever so  mischievous Sue W quietly slid the bag to the other side of the table and sat back to watch the fun? didn't matter how many times Marie stood up and looked around her chair, that bag just wouldn't pop back into sight.....yeah, I know, we're a cruel bunch, but heck it was funny!

Marcia had some exciting news to share, her daughter Leanne is off to the Modern Quilt Guilds Quilt.Con in Texas in Feb 2015, of course, there is no shortage of offers to carry your port Leanne, oh and to help you shop of course.  
Leanne does beautiful work, you can check it out on her blog 'daisy and jack'
Have a wonderful trip Leanne, looking forward to hearing all about it.
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