Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 1 of the Christmas Excitement

The Cottage Christmas Fair was off to a wonderful start this afternoon.
Grabbed a few pics of goodies for you to drool over.
Well set up for the crowds to come, Treasure Heather was just waiting for that first sale with an amazing blue and white quilt as her backdrop.
A Christmas tree sporting some sweet little decorations with place mats surrounding its base, table runners and stockings on the display behind.
Great selection of Table Runners, all sizes and styles are to be had, including the rather innovative 'watermelon slice'....hmmm  wouldn't mind a nice slice of chilled, juicy, sweet melon about now.....

A longer table runner, one of the Advent Calendars and two of the many Christmas Stockings.
Lots of Kiddies Wall Hangings, and more table runners
More Wall hangings, Coasters and of course....gloves....for both gardening and machine quilting.
One the side wall, lots of quilts - some you will recognise from previous posts, all capped off with a lovely double sided Christmas Bunting.
More lovely quilts....
Of course these are just a few quick snaps from around the room, so much more to see and even to snaffle for a loved one, Marie's innovative shoe bags, aprons fit for a Christmas Luncheon Queen, or even King, stuffed toys, books, table throws, avocado bags, etc., etc.

Do hope to see you at the Fair tomorrow
Starts at 8.00a.m. and winds up at 2.30pm
5 Main Street Buderim  - - Opposite the Sate Primary School
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