Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May Show and Tell

We had two special Birthdays this month, an 80th. and a 21st!
Obviously the 21st Birthday was our youngest member and beginner quilter Courtney.
Courtney came all set for fun and a party! wearing a birthday tiara that caused a bit of envy I can tell you. 
Sheila had spotted a piece of fabric that she thought was right up Courtney's alley, a lovely mauve with white daisies, (did I mention that Courtney loves all things purple?), well Lorraine used it to make Courtney a Birthday Cushion, trimming the back with 4 lovely shimmery buttons and ric-rac.
Then of course we had to have cake!! - Courtney got to keep the giant Birthday Cookie all to herself!,
it reads 'Happy 21st Birthday Courtney' - and those beautiful roses in back? from Marie, they had the most glorious fragrance.  Real Roses!

The other birthday was for Fae, now I can remember the fuss we made when Fae turned 70, her Daughter  made her a Birthday Memory quilt, a very special quilt, each block told a story, the one's that bought a tear to the eye were the stories of special moments, the 'do you remember when' moments  between Fae and her daughter, a very special relationship as Fae is a chosen Mum (some people call 'em step-mums- I like chosen)
Sheila had asked Fae to bring her quilt along to share with us again, and to also read the booklet.....whew, the booklet!, its the quilt story, and what each block signifies and the story behind it.  It's a book to blubber over - yeah - we did.  What a beautiful story of love and respect.
Then we really needed cake! and a cuppa!
The little red disc Fae is holding in the first pic?, that is a knitted mat that her Daughter made when she was a little girl, Fae still uses it to this day, every morning under her teapot! makes for easy turning of the pot to brew the bestest cuppa.  - and yes, we had Roses from Marie, you can just see them at the side of the pic. Thanks Marie and her Darling.

Sue has been busy as you can see, both quilts have a little history behind them.
The first quilt uses a flower pattern that Sue came across in another quilting group she belong to, the original quilt used 9 patch blocks to off set the flower applique blocks, but that didn't appeal to Sue so she used the double hearts instead.  The beautiful striped pink fabric used in the border has been residing in Sue's stash for ahwile ( 'bout 15 years she thinks)  It is a lovely Laura Ashley fabric and makes the perfect background and border.  Sue had the quilt professionally machine quilted.
The wall hanging Sue is showing us was a bed quilt pattern, given to the group sometime back.  Well Sue decided to shrink it down somewhat, and re-sized and re-drafted all the blocks, only to find that the maths was a little wrong!! oops.  Sue fixed it pronto by adding a few blocks of her own!

Wendy has created this wonderful quilt for her Grandaughter, they went shopping and chose the pattern and the fabric, lots of kiddie chatter about this wonderful quilt she was getting, such wonder and delight!.  The next morning, little miss fronts up for breakfast with the question 'Is my quilt finished Gran?'
Dunno why it wasn't!  Here are a few closer views of some of the applique motifs.

Another wonderful Birthday gift arrived for Courtney, a wonderful skinny quilt, and she bought it in to share with us.  Made for her bed by her Aunty, very elegant and oh so feminine, there is even a diamante 'C' for Courtney but that didn't show up too well in the pic.  Just beautiful.

Lorraine got a positive/negative Freebie pattern online that rather intrigued her, so she decided to give it a whirl,  2 blocks turned into place mats was just the path to take with this great pattern.

Over the past few months, Lorraine has shown us many ways to use up our stash or scraps, well Sue took the challenge and added a twist.  No straight pieces or squares.
She came up with this delight, no straight pieces and quilt as you go!  A stunningly vibrant winner!

Fae has also been continuing along the scrappy path, she had another 2 quilts to show us today, one is already lined up as a gift for a friend, the other, with the pink sashing she was busily stitching down the binding.

And talking of binding, Dorothy had something to show us, Pegs with a rubber grip!  Dorothy picked them up at the local Pharmacy for a ridiculously small amount and wondered if they would be any good for holding down quilt bindings?  She has already used them for various little jobs with her crochet and knitting projects.  Well, Leanne had a mini dolls quilt all ready to bind, with the binding held down by quilters clips, so, popped one off and replaced it with the peg.  Looks pretty good! don'tcha just love finding another use for a product?  Cute pegs too, bet your knickers wouldn't fly off the line with those little suckers hanging on tight.

Sue's Trunk Show - Part 2

Some of Sue's WIP's,
Dresden Plate there will be 9 blocks, another cute teapot cross stitch in the making,
Hexagon quilt, hand pieced. Sue's 1st attempt at paper piecing and finally a block of the month 'Lovebird Lane'.
 Gorgeous baby quilt with rocking horse & teddy

Two framed cross stitches, beautiful!

 A weekend bag with matching carry bag.

Sue's good friends son, William died when he was 5 -  Sue has also had cancer and appreciates the comfort of a quilt when you are feeling low. These 2 Stack and Slash quilts Sue made for William & older brother Josh. 

This is a quilt that Sue & her friends made for Williams mum " A circle of Friendship".
I think we all shed a tear. What a beautiful thing to do. 
Each friend made a hand & block & have their names on the back of the quilt. 

 Sue made this quilt for her friends daughter a few years later.

Those teddies are sooooo  cute.

We enjoyed looking at many coloured photos Sue had of more creations she has made over the years that she has given away. 
Thank you Sue for sharing your wonderful works & special stories with us.

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