Friday, October 30, 2009

Fibermania or Fabric Dyeing Melody's way

Collage of various parts of a Quilt made up of Melody's hand dyes

We seem to be on a fabric dyeing kick, so I would like to introduce you to Melody Johnson, a multi-talented lady from the U.S, who very generously shares her talents via tutorials on her various blogs. (don't you just love the 'net - you get to 'meet' the most amazing people)

Melody's blog 'Melody' is a cornucopia of information and visual feasts, but do be warned, coffee is a prerequisite, you will spend time on these sites.

Her site 'The Lazy Dyer' states of her dyeing techniques 'Not exactly the right way...just exactly my way' and goes on to give detailed, easy to follow, down to earth instructions, with pics on dye mixing, equipment needed and if you want to lash out and go into the fabric dyeing business, a dyerack shelving system for drying fabrics
How's this for a workstation?

Some of Melody's amazing quilts that you will see on her blog.
I'm sure I remember reading in one post of how Melody found a way to store her quilts, there were about 50 of them hanging on skirt hangers in the wardrobe, she stopped hanging because she ran out of hangers..................not because she ran out of quilts! Took me days to get my head around that one!

More of these wonderful vibrant quilts can be found on the art quilt gallery link,and you can even purchase a wonderful work of art on the available quilts link. Hmmm, Christmas is just around the corner, what a wonderful pressy a quilt would make.

So what does Melody do when not dyeing and quilting? well, she also paints.
A recent commission

But her kick at the moment is knitting,
this lady does the most amazing knitting!, socks, scarves and the cutest of all, a Draft Dodger, Melody has 9 knitting patterns available for you to knit up a storm. No sock pattern on the above link but I'm sure there is, if not a pattern, then general directions on the blog.
Oh, and did I mention she cooks, plenty of really yummo recipes throughout the blog but don't miss Melody's bread recipes, check them out, delicious! you will find them under 'Helpful Stuff' in the sidebar, along with more info than you can possibly read in one sitting, or even 2, or......... well you get the picture, there is always something to learn, something to feast the eyes including beautiful pics of their world, oh yeah..... talking of feast the eyes,.... go find the hot tub piccies.............. now that's living!
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